Mid-Winter Fashion Trends

Mid-Winter Fashion Trends

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Dear Readers—I have just done some R and R—Reconnaissance and Reading—about Fashion Trends for now. I will go through what I read. Stupid stuff will be filtered out, and the cream of fashion advice dispensed to YOU. Or “youse” if you are from the Philadelphia area.

First off, the color for mid-winter is. . .RED! Whee! I find this to be a color to be celebrated! Nothing like a nice shiny scarlet to boost one’s mood. Are there shades of red that I think are the cat’s meow? You bet. I love a nice, happy red, with no wacky undertones-but I am also all in for a deep scarlet. A lot of people love the dark, murky red tones out there, even some with brownish-red mixed in. I find that range kind of depressing, but hey! It just might be the ticket for you. If you are a more. . .subtle kind of lady, you could always use Red as an accent—a soft scarf with some red gloves, or some bitchin’ shoes or boots that are ALL red or maybe just with some red touches, and a matching purse.

What you want to do is get something nifty in red-it could even be an envelope or ANYTHING red, and standing in front of a good mirror, hold the red up to your face! Does it light you up? Does your reflection say “WOW! You are one cute and fancy girl!” OR, if not, it might say “Oh no, girl, that washes you out—are you SATAN?!” This little test will confirm what kind of Red is your color-or not.  

The next trend out there is Long Denim Skirts. I would only do this if the skirt buttoned or had snaps all the way up-and wear some fabulous boots with it! Otherwise, one runs the risk of being perceived as a cast member of Little House on the Prairie—just add a calico bonnet.

Also being suggested is a denim blazer. . .which can sometimes be called a “Tennessee Tuxedo”–with lip-curling scorn. It was also worn by realtors—in the 1980s! I don’t love this trend, but it can be approached in different ways—I have a denim Levi jacket, BUT—I lined it with fake fur, and added a few fancy pins and embroidery. I feel very cuddly and special in it!

Now, here is a forever trend, and one that I am always glad to wear—gold hoop earrings. I have some small hoops, in which I feel quite tasteful. Of course, I have pretty big gold hoops too. I have a small face, and too-big hoops can look fake-hookerish. But then, sometimes I wear them anyway.

Besides the gold hoops, all sorts of metallic accents are big now, chunky gold or silver bracelets, sizable gold rings and necklaces too. Try not to go nuts and present yourself as a fully-lit Christmas tree, it can be overwhelming. And too jangly.

Do try to enjoy the season. A nice pair of tall boots are always wonderful—get good ones, they are worth the cost! I don’t mean $12,300.00 high-heeled ostrich boots, just some good quality leather boots. Black is always on point—but hit the sales and get yourself some RED ones! Scandalize the neighbors! And do wear clothes you love—it always hits that Happy Button!

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