Michael Cimino’s latest pantsless TikTok might as well be in 3D

Michael Cimino’s latest pantsless TikTok might as well be in 3D

You are currently viewing Michael Cimino’s latest pantsless TikTok might as well be in 3D
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Love, Victor star Michael Cimino had a surprise for fans this weekend on social media — and while it wasn’t a present, it surely came in a nicely wrapped package.

The Love, Simon spinoff series came to a close earlier this year, but fans have still been receiving their weekly dose of Cimino spice through his socials. It’s mostly been eye-catching photoshoots and flirty exchanges with his male co-stars, like bromances with Anthony Keyvan and Mason Gooding.

Now, his latest offering from TikTok is giving fans a fuller, more well-defined look at his day-to-day.

You may want to back away from the screen a bit:

@itsmichaelciminoHaha I got you I bet♬ original sound – Michael Cimino

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Cimino has had a full hot girl year of cranking up his thirst-garnering activity in front of the camera. His leading Love, Victor character got up to a lot in the show’s final season, including plenty of heavy make-out sessions with American Horror Stories star Nico Greetham.

He also had a fun role in the Rebel Wilson-led comedy Senior Year as Lance, a member of the popular crowd who had no problem manspreading in a skirt while commando.

And he’s definitely been feeling his Insta-oats lately, feeding the fans with post after post.

Some have been pretty tame, like this recent peach-packed room renovation vid:

While others, like this sudsy bath photoshoot, have been a bit more direct:

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But mostly, he’s just been wonderful to look at:

For an extra look at what the star has been up to, check out his latest vibe of a music video, “i’m somewhere out there”:


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