Meet Michigan’s Stand With Trans

Meet Michigan’s Stand With Trans

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TGForum introduces you to Stand With Trans, a Michigan based organization for transgender people. Our Eden Carlson connected with Vic Gipson (he/they) Support Group Coordinator.

Vic Gipson

What is the name of your organization? Where are you based?

Stand With Trans – Michigan.

What is your mission?

Stand with Trans empowers and supports transgender youth and their loved ones.

How long have you personally been involved with your organization?

About two years now!

What’s the most satisfying part of your involvement?

I enjoy learning from and giving back to the community. No matter the age, I have learned from so many folks who attend our programs/events just from 1-1 conversations! Being able to provide resources or distribute materials to the community allows me to pay forward the support I’ve been given to even make it in my role.

What Is your favorite part of what you do?

I really love providing things! Resources, physical items, answers to questions- anything I can do to help others out brightens my day.

How do you specifically help the crossdressing and/or trans communities?

Stand With Trans is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and empowering trans folks and their families- we provide many services such as support groups, our Ally Parents Program, our How To Do Life series geared toward trans youth, our Therapy Assistance Program, providing our Lifeline Library, providing trainings, and hosting many recurring community events like Trans Empowerment Month, Share The Love, Banned Books Book Club, our LGBTQ+ College Fair, and many more!
Individually- I host gender-affirming clothing closets through the organizations I work for but have a commitment of allowing anyone to access them regardless of identity/expression/etc.

How long have you been involved with these communities?

My whole life! I am trans myself 🙂

How does someone find your organization?

Our org is completely remote- folks can find us online through search engines, our website, or our socials!

How could someone reach out to help support your organization?

Folks can contact us at if they have interest in volunteering or helping promote our organization. If they are an adult, they can reach out about hosting a support group. If they are parents of trans youth, they can join our Ally Parent program by contacting Folks can donate toward our services here! Or sent via USPS to 6417 Smiths Creek Rd, Kimball MI 48074.

What is your website? Are you on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…)

Facebook: Stand With Trans
Instagram: @standwithtransmi
LinkedIn: Stand With Trans
Tiktok: @standwithtrans

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