Matt Bomer flashes his six-pack – & tramp stamp in itty-bitty booty shorts on the beach

Matt Bomer flashes his six-pack – & tramp stamp in itty-bitty booty shorts on the beach

You are currently viewing Matt Bomer flashes his six-pack – & tramp stamp in itty-bitty booty shorts on the beach
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Matt Bomer
credit: Showtime/Getty Images

Matt Bomer is ushering in Hot Gay Summer™ a month early.

On Tuesday, the 46-year-old was living his Baywatch fantasy and left little to the imagination as he sauntered along the beach in Malibu putting his rippling abs on display in a pair of tiny yellow hoochie shorts.

For maximum exposure, the Golden Globe winner also appeared to have rolled up the waistband of the retro short shorts as he posed on the sand basking his musculature under the sun’s rays.

His job is beach!

However, Bomer’s skimpy swimsuit sashay was all in a day’s work as he was actually filming his new movie Outcome. The dark comedy co-stars Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz and Jonah Hill, with Hill also serving as the director on the project.

While it’s unclear what role Bomer plays in the production, he’s definitely turning out to be quite the scene-stealer.

And while most may have been distracted by the Fellow Travelers hunk’s ridiculously toned pecs, abs and biceps, it’s another body part that seemed to garner the most gasps.

Baby got back tat!

That’s right, Bomer’s got a tramp stamp, y’all.

Ben Affleck is shook!

Thankfully, it seems Bomer’s lower back tattoo is just for the movie as the ink has never been spotted in any of the Magic Mike stars’ past shirtless rendezvous on screen or IRL.

The tramp stamp backlash runs deep.

While lower back tats have been the subject of ridicule since first rising in popularity in the ’90s, the gays have found new places and ubiquitous images to make permanent ink a subject of wild discourse.

Where tribal tattoos and sunburst naval ink ruled the early aughts, these days boys from WeHo to Hell’s Kitchen – and even Luke Evans – are marking themselves with a new breed of skin art that some believe has gotten a bit too popular.

Pick your poison, bros!

Regardless on your feelings on back tats, tramp stamps, or other common ink, it seems Bomer is just playing a part with his body art.

And with his new beach-tastic role in Outcome we’re just happy he’s finally getting to give off that Ryan Gosling-level Kenergy. Bomer previously disclosed he auditioned for various Ken roles in last year’s summer blockbuster Barbie.

Bomer sent a self-tape were he inhabited various versions of Barbie’s main man.

“I recorded it on my own, played a bunch of different Kens — and I dressed differently for all of them,” Bomer told Vanity Fair. “I recorded the lines of the other person’s dialogue on my recorder and then gave myself space to respond.”

According to the outlet, the father of three ultimately turned down the opportunity because he didn’t want to spend that much time away from his family.

With or without a tramp stamp, Bomer really is the daddy of our dreams!

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