Marjorie Taylor Greene explains why Trump doesn’t need to debate other GOP candidates

Marjorie Taylor Greene explains why Trump doesn’t need to debate other GOP candidates

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her campaign of sucking up to former President Donald Trump over the weekend. This time, she weighed in on whether he’s likely to show up for the first televised debate among GOP Presidential nominees. It’s due to take place on August 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trump himself has refused to confirm he will attend and suggested he might skip it as he sees little point when he’s so far ahead in the polls of his rivals.

Greene said on Saturday, “Why would President Trump have to debate the other candidates? He already has a PROVEN track record of the best 4 years in America!! The American people don’t need to hear his ideas, we’ve already lived his policies, loved them, and want more!! The primary is over.”

Her tweet prompted thousands of replies and mass eye-rolling. Even those who detest Greene agreed with her on one point: They don’t need to hear Trump’s ideas to know what he stands for.

Many others disagreed with Greene on every point she attempted to make.

Will Donald Trump show up at the debate?

The other main GOP candidates have said they will take part in the Milwaukee debate if invited to do so. One of the requisites is that candidates sign a Republican National Committee loyalty pledge in which they promise not to run as a third-party candidate if they fail to secure the GOP nomination. Trump has refused to sign the pledge.

Some think that Trump’s refusal to commit is another way to gain attention.

Last week, Trump told Eric Bolling on Newsmax that he’s “already decided” whether he will take part. He’s just not announcing it yet.

“How can he maximize attention so the conversation isn’t about the debate — the conversation’s about whether or not Donald Trump will debate, so he gets all the attention?” suggested Doug Heye, former RNC communications director, to The Hill.

Former New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, told the media over the weekend that he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump did take part in the debate and did sign the pledge. He noted Trump similarly wavered over debating in 2016, before then doing so.

“We don’t know how much he would have respected the pledge even after having signed it,” Christie told Jonathan Karl on ABC’s This Week. “So, look, I think this is all kind of nonsensical theater. I’ve made that clear to the RNC as well, way back, even before I entered the race, that I thought the pledge was a bad idea, and Donald Trump is now playing that game. But that’s what he does. You know this, Jon. He plays misdirection all the time.”


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