Maluma takes his soaking wet abs to Italy and now the entire world is parched

Maluma takes his soaking wet abs to Italy and now the entire world is parched

You are currently viewing Maluma takes his soaking wet abs to Italy and now the entire world is parched
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Europe is currently grappling with an unprecedented heat wave as temperatures were poised to set new records this week.

Coincidentally, Colombian superstar Maluma has been promoting his upcoming album Don Juan on the continent for the last month.

While there is yet to be any scientific proof, the 29-year-old appeared to be contributing to the scorching weather as he has continued to flaunt his smooth, muscular physique with reckless abandon throughout his sizzling jaunt around the Mediterranean Sea.

As it soared close to 120 degrees in Italy this week, the Papi Juancho hitmaker appeared to have no care in the world for the parched millions who took in the sight of him nonchalantly dousing his rippling abdominals with a hose in the blazing sun. Rain on me!

Maluma shared nine snaps from his day out on the water, with each shot taking viewers closer and closer to edge of extreme dehydration.

Drink it all in at your own risk:

As if that didn’t bring fans to the brink of overheating, Maluma exasperated the situation by leaving a flirty comment that was capable of conjuring up hallucinations and delusions of grandeur.

“Day off in Capri,” he said coyly, before adding, “Which is your favorite photo?” How dare he force us to decide in our already very vulnerable state!

Kidding aside, Maluma has been having the quite hot boy summer.

Prior to arriving in Italy, the singer has been living it up galavanting – often shirtless – through Spain, France and beyond.

His European adventure comes as Maluma is set to take the US by storm later this summer with the launch of his Don Juan World Tour.

The tour, which will support the pending release of the similarly titled album, will start in Sacramento on August 31st and wind across 30 cities before finishing off in Miami on November 4th.

Whether you are getting tickets or not, everyone can enjoy seeing more of Maluma through some of his most recent photos and videos below:


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