Kristi Noem’s latest stunt to be Trump’s #2 blows up in her face

Kristi Noem’s latest stunt to be Trump’s #2 blows up in her face

You are currently viewing Kristi Noem’s latest stunt to be Trump’s #2 blows up in her face
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Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem’s latest shameless attempt to curry favor with Donald Trump just resulted in the South Dakota governing getting dealt another embarrassment.

Over the weekend, the largest tribe in South Dakota barred Noem from its lands due to her extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric, reports The Washington Post.

Last week, Noem told state legislators she was sending razor wire and security personnel to Texas, while making a public stand with Gov. Greg Abbott, who decided to install razor wire at the U.S./Mexico border without federal approval.

A couple of weeks ago, Noem traveled down to Texas to meet with Abbott. The two gay-hating governors received a briefing from Border Patrol agents and went on a boat tour with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In a statement issued Saturday, Noem described the influx of migrants at the Southern border as an “invasion.” She tried to use South Dakota’s tribal lands as a political ploy, saying migrants are bringing drugs and human sex trafficking into their communities.

“We are affected by cartel presence on our tribal reservations; by the spread of drugs and human trafficking throughout our communities; and by the drain on our resources at the local, state, and federal level,” she said.

The president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Frank Star Comes Out, banned Noem in no uncertain terms.

“Due to the safety of the Oyate, effective immediately, you are hereby Banished from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe!” he posted on social media.

In his statement, Star Comes Out accuses Noem of trying to use immigration as a way to boost her profile. (A Republican politician using immigration as a prop? Never!)

“[They] don’t deserve to be dehumanized and mistreated by people like [Texas] Governor [Greg Abbott] and his cohorts,” said Star Comes Out. “They don’t need to be put in cages, separated from their children like during the Trump Administration, or be cut up by razor wire.”

Noem, in turn, chided the tribe for “bringing politics into the discussion.”

Project much, girl?

On Fox News, Noem defended Texas’ decision to go ahead and install razor wire anyway, despite even the ultra-conservative Supreme Court ruling against him.

Noem’s motives are apparent, considering South Dakota is over 1,000 miles away from the border, and has one of the lowest immigrant populations in the country (just over 4%).

The wannabe MAGA queen clearly wants to be Trump’s #2 in the upcoming presidential election…assuming he wins the GOP nomination, despite four pending criminal trials.

Since assuming office in 2019, Noem has focused on attacking marginalized communities, and LGBTQ+ people in particular.

She’s banned drag shows, opened up a whistleblower hotline that encourages the public to report anything “woke” happening at state colleges and universities and outlawed gender-affirming care for minors.

These draconian edicts seem to be an audition. Noem has never shied away from saying she wants to be Trump’s running mate.

“Trump needs a strong partner,” she said on Newsmax. “He’s gonna need somebody who knows what it’s like to run a business … also to have a wife, mom, and grandmother isn’t bad either.”

It remains known if Noem possesses the true skill set humiliation fetish to be Trump’s VP, but she appears to have the hypocrisy down!

A supposed champion of “family values,” Noem regularly carouses with longtime Trump World figure Corey Lewandowski. The Daily Mail claimed last September they were engaged in an extramarital affair.

According to sources, Noem’s alleged fling with Lewandowski has been known “for years,” and the pair have been spotted at Mar-a-Lago “playing grab-ass” and doing “the usual stuff that drunk people who are having affairs do.”

Noem’s husband apparently moved out of South Dakota’s governor’s mansion a couple of years ago.

For the longest while, Noem was seemingly fighting Kari Lake for the VP slot, though the gubernatorial loser’s hopes were dashed when Trump publicly dismissed her chances a few weeks ago.

Now, Noem may be competing with two other top female contenders: Rep. Elise Stefanik and Sarah Huckabee Sanders…though the latter says she doesn’t want the job.


Armed with a new book extolling the disgraced ex-president, Noem seems positioned for a prolonged PR tour.

The career politician applauds Trump for “breaking” politics.

Much like Sanders and Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis, Noem can’t help but thrust herself into national issues.

But as her latest banishment shows, selling out comes with a cost.


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