Kevin McCarthy’s speakership is imploding in real time & OMG you guys this is so embarrassing

Kevin McCarthy’s speakership is imploding in real time & OMG you guys this is so embarrassing

You are currently viewing Kevin McCarthy’s speakership is imploding in real time & OMG you guys this is so embarrassing
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Kevin McCarthy

It may be difficult to follow the legislative particulars of Matt Gaetz‘s bid to unseat Kevin McCarthy, but this much is clear: the beleaguered California Republican is screwed.

Early Tuesday afternoon, the House voted to proceed with Gaetz’s motion to oust McCarthy as House Speaker. 11 Republicans voted with Democrats against McCarthy’s wishes.

With those numbers in mind, it’s difficult to see how the spineless speaker keeps his job. Assuming all Democrats vote together, Gaetz just needs five Republicans, including himself, to vote against McCarthy.

“I think we’re unified in saying … we’re not here to bail out Kevin McCarthy,” said Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, one of the top Democrats in the House.

Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries instructed the Democratic caucus to vote “yes” on the resolution as well.

In the end, McCarthy was ousted 216-210 with eight Republicans voting with every Democrat to remove him as Speaker of the House.

He served a total of 269 days before being removed.

It’s been a tumultuous nine-month speakership for McCarthy, who dug his own political grave to become Speaker in the first place. After a historic 15 rounds of voting, he caved to the far-right, and made it so any congressperson could file a motion to oust him at any time.

Gaetz, his chief antagonist, finally took him up on his offer.

While the Florida lawmaker is leading a small minority of Republicans, they hold enough power to throw Congress into complete disarray (even more than usual)! That’s propelled some members of the caucus to threaten him with expulsion.

The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating the anti-LGBTQ+ congressman for an array of alleged party boy antics, including accusations he had sex with an underaged girl.

“No one can stand him at this point,” a source told Fox News. “A smart guy without morals.”

That’s also an apt description for McCarthy, though the jury is out on his intelligence. He’s spent the last year alienating seemingly every House Democrat, despite the inevitably he would need them.

Instead of fostering relationships, McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and sent secuirty footage of Jan. 6 to Tucker Carlson.

McCarthy also remains loyal to Donald Trump, who’s currently sitting in a courtroom on trial in New York, and not lifting any of his fat orange fingers to help him.

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, McCarthy proclaimed he wasn’t seeking any help from Democrats. Or in other words: “You can’t fire me! I quit!”

Over the weekend, McCarthy struck a deal with Democrats to keep the government funded for 45 days, barely avoiding the catastrophic shutdown that Gaetz and his MAGA allies were intent on orchestrating. Because of that, some Republicans have called on Dems to help McCarthy out. And the response has been uniform.


It is apparent Democrats are more than content watching Republicans engage in a civil war. Gaetz has spent the last couple of days lighting up McCarthy on the House floor.

Fittingly, Gaetz & Co. don’t have a replacement in mind for McCarthy, meaning the House may not have a speaker for a while which is, well, not great.

That is, unless somebody steps in to save the day.

Congress’ most shameless grifter is more than happy to play along.

We all deserve better than this. Except for McCarthy, that is.

GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina will now temporarily lead the House of Representatives until a new Speaker is elected.


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