Kari Lake was just caught doing something super shady & now she’s pissed off MAGA

Kari Lake was just caught doing something super shady & now she’s pissed off MAGA

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Kari Lake was just caught palling around with some very clandestine characters.

According to her latest financial disclosures, six months before she announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate, the drag-hating MAGA queen reportedly pocketed $15,000 for a speech at an event hosted by the extreme, anti-government fringe group True Texas Project.

According to the its website, True Texas Project “exists to educate and motivate citizen engagement in all levels of government.”

“We believe in Constitutional government, national sovereignty, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and rule of law,” the website states.

In reality, it’s an radical right-wing operation that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group for its extreme views on everything from immigration to LGBTQ+ rights to Christianity.

Not only did Lake give a 40-minute speech to the hate group at its annual “Texas Tough” event in 2023, but it appears she may have tried to keep it hidden on her financial disclosures submitted to the U.S. Senate records office.

Rather than use the organization’s current name, she listed it under its old name, the NE Tarrant County Tea Party, which it hasn’t been used for several years, long before she ever connected with them.

When Lake submitted her financial disclosures to the Senate Ethics Committee in January, she checked a box stating that all the information was “true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

On top of that, she didn’t correct the mistake when she later went back to amend the report to include a reference to a family trust.

Neither Lake nor True Texas Project has responded since the story broke over the weekend.

In other bad Lake news, the former TV news anchor managed to royally piss off her base by picking up an endorsement from Sen. John Cornyn on Friday.

Lake shared the news on Twitter X, writing of Cornyn: “He helped President Trump confirm conservative judges and cut taxes. I look forward to joining him in the Senate to fix our country.”

Within minutes, a barrage of MAGA accounts tore into her for accepting the endorsement. They’ve been furious with Cornyn since last year, when he said he didn’t think Trump could win another election.

“This isn’t something to be proud of,” one person remarked.

“Yeah but if you keep aligning with certain people you may lose again,” another cautioned.

“Kari Lake you finally said something I disagree with,” a third person wrote.

Some of the words people used to describe Cornyn with were “traitor,” “swampdweller,” “sh*t war pig sellout,” and, perhaps worst of all, “RINO.”

“Perhaps you or your team should vet the ones who endorse you. He is a RINO all the way. Look at his voting record! Not a good choice on this one, Kari.”

Lake is currently running for U.S. Senate in Arizona against pro-LGBTQ+ Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego, who has been outraising her by millions of dollars. Meanwhile, incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an independent, has yet to announce whether she’ll seek another term in office.

A recent batch of polls from Emerson College found Lake six points behind Gallego. Meanwhile, Sinema was trailing Lake by 10 points and Gallego by 15 points.

Sinema has until April 1 to register for reelection but has remained tight-lipped about her plans. If she does decide to run, she’ll almost certainly lose and it could end up tipping the race to the MAGA queen.


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