It looks like Trump is about to get indicted again, & he’s becoming completely unhinged

It looks like Trump is about to get indicted again, & he’s becoming completely unhinged

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Donald Trump is our most indicted president ever, and it looks like he’s about to increase his lead!

The Menace of Mar-a-Lago recently received a so-called target letter in connection with the federal investigation into his efforts to overthrow the election on Jan. 6, he announced Tuesday. Target letters usually indicate that criminal charges are imminent.

Already this year, Trump has been indicted for his alleged brazen mishandling of classified docs and allegations he made hush money payments to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign.

Georgia officials are also investigating his attempted interference in their 2020 presidential election.

No wonder why Ivanka and Melania can’t distance themselves from this mess fast enough. Trump’s Truth Social missive about his newest target letter is completely unhinged!

There have been signs in recent weeks that special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation is getting closer to the disgraced ex-president. Last week, it was reported that Jared Kushner spoke to prosecutors.

The special counsel’s office has also subpoenaed Ivanka, who testified last year in front of the January 6 House committee. (Ivanka spoke to committee members for eight hours, and helped “fill in a lot of gaps,” Rep. Bennie Thompson said at the time.)

Trump is reportedly upset about his eldest daughter’s cooperation with investigators.

Smith and his team are scrutinizing Trump’s conduct leading into Jan. 6, trying to pinpoint his involvement in multiple schemes to overturn the election, including the Capitol Insurrection.

Trump is the only person involved in the investigation to publicly say he’s received a target letter.

It’s been a brutal spring and summer for Trump’s legal fortunes. Up to this point, probably his lowest moment came when he was arraigned in Miami federal court…and hardly anyone showed up.

Neither Melania nor Ivanka issued public statements, either. Sad!

Despite Trump’s legal woes, he remains the clear front-runner in the GOP presidential race, and his lead keeps growing (meanwhile, Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is falling further behind and cutting staff).

On Tuesday, House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy embarrassingly said Trump received his target letter because he “went up in the polls.”

…Or maybe it’s because he committed a lot of crimes? That seems more likely.

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