How To Get Feminine MTF Hands: A Guide For Trans Women And Crossdressers

How To Get Feminine MTF Hands: A Guide For Trans Women And Crossdressers

You are currently viewing How To Get Feminine MTF Hands: A Guide For Trans Women And Crossdressers
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How To Get Feminine MTF Hands: A Guide For Trans Women And Crossdressers

If you’re a crossdresser or transgender woman, then you know what can impact clothes, hair, and makeup can have on your appearance. 

However, it’s important not to overlook the smaller details… for example, your hands!

While you can’t change the structure of your hands, the good news is that there are simple ways to minimize their size and create a more feminine look.

In this blog post on how to get feminine hands, I share 4 dos and don’ts for feminizing your hands. Let’s dive in!

DO Invest In The Right Grooming Tools

manicure tools

Since we’re constantly using our hands, they’re a natural magnet for attention. That means that neatly groomed hands and nails are a must.

Good grooming doesn’t have to take much time – especially when you use the right tools. Here are a few items you should have in your arsenal:

  • Nail brush – This is an essential tool for cleaning under the fingernails.
  • Glass nail file – A glass nail file is gentler on the nails, so it’s a better option than an emery board or metal nail file.
  • Nail buffer – Use a nail buffer to give your nails a natural shine without having to use polish.
  • Hand cream – Hand creams are thicker than body lotions, so they offer extra hydration for hands and nails.

DON’T Make These Manicure Mistakes

nail art in gold

Whether you go to a salon or do it yourself, getting a manicure is a great way to polish your feminine look.

That said, there are a couple mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

  • Avoid nails that are too long or too short. Both of these extremes tend to make the fingers look larger and thus, more masculine. The most flattering nail length is about 1/8″-1/4″ past your fingertips.
  • Avoid bright nail polish colors. If your hands aren’t your strong point, avoid bold colors and stick with neutral tones that blend into your hands. Good options are soft pink, nude, or ivory. Save the fun colors for your toes.

DON’T Forget Hairy Knuckles

Schick razor

This seems obvious, but it still needs to be stated: If you have hairy knuckles, don’t forget to shave them when presenting yourself as a woman. 

No need for such a simple detail to run an otherwise impeccable feminine image!

DO Use Jewelry To Your Advantage

rings and bracelets on hands

Rings and bracelets can definitely make your hands look prettier, but there are a couple important rules to follow:

  • Avoid delicate jewelry. Dainty rings and bracelets are feminine, but they’re often a “don’t” for crossdressers and transgender women. Delicate jewelry only makes your hands look bigger in comparison. Instead, look for chunkier jewelry styles that suit the proportions of your hands.
  • Keep it low key. Flashy rings and bracelets call attention to an area you may want to downplay. That means one or two simple pieces is all you need. Instead, keep the focus on your face with a statement necklace or beautiful earrings.

In conclusion

Even if your hands aren’t your favorite feature, they don’t have to detract from a feminine look. Apply these tips and your hands will blend in beautifully.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about your hands? Do you have any additional suggestions to add to this list?


P.S. Hands are just one important detail of many. To evaluate your full feminine image, download my free Flawless Feminine Image Checklist below!

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