Gaymers reveal the video games that rev their engines & can’t stop playing

Gaymers reveal the video games that rev their engines & can’t stop playing

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Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3

When you sit down to play video games, do you go for the wish fulfillment of simulation games? The escapism of role-playing games or massively multiplayer online games? The button-mashing of action games? The aggression of first-person shooters?

No matter what your genre, there’s a gaymer out there who shares your tastes, as indicated by the variety of faves listed in a recent r/gay thread on Reddit.

Here are their selections and their rationales…

The Sims and its sequels

“Lmao, I remember being a teen and sneaking on my computer at night so nobody could catch me making gay couples in The Sims and being like, ‘I hope das me one day.”

“This was so me! My closeted ass would bring my ‘best friend’ over every other day after middle school, and we’d eat sweets and play our little Sims family together. Oh, to be 15 again…”

Stardew Valley

“That’s just the nickname. It’s actually called Pixelated Bisexual Dating Simulator.”

The Mass Effect series

“Nothing to do with being gay, but the Mass Effect trilogy is an unrivaled masterpiece, in my opinion.”

The EarthBound series

“The gameplay is a lot of fun if you enjoy RPGs, [quality of life] issues notwithstanding, and it just oozes charm and personality. How many other JRPGS are set in America [scratch that] Eagleland and have you fight cute little mushrooms with legs, corrupt cops, and cosmic horrors utterly incomprehensible to the human mind?”

Resident Evil 4

“I had the biggest crush on Leon and loved running around being a bad b*tch as Ada in [the DLC] Separate Ways. The way she got through all of that chaos in a long red dress and heels will always be iconic.”

Baldur’s Gate 3

“Never been able to play BG3 without stripping down within the first few minutes (in the game).”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

“I’ve always enjoyed fantasy and magic. Honestly, it’s one of the best games ever, and I’ll probably be replaying it for years to come. But since my sexuality is involved in this question, I’ve always liked that just about all of the romance-able characters in the game are bisexual. So if I wanna have a gay elf character with a big beefy Nord husband, I can do that.

GoldenEye 007

“Me and my pals, on the couch and on the floor, elimination style or whatever, in the flesh and in the moment! The excitement and all of it, plus having Pizza Hut delivery and drinks and smoky things? Priceless.”

Genshin Impact

“Honestly, Genshin Impact is kinda fire. I mean, yeah, the community can be very weird at times, but I just think it’s fun to explore and all that. Plus, so many hot male characters.”

The Gears of War series

“I’ll always always, always love the original Gears of War trilogy. Ultra-masculine games that I played as a kid, and now I’m nowhere near masculine.”

Guild Wars 2

“Colorful and rich fantasy MMO with fun mechanics and historically one of the strongest LGBT communities in existence. They have regular public Pride parades that are genuinely enjoyable experiences with little to no interference from toxic homophobes, who do get shut down aggressively by GMs when reported. No monthly sub required for the full game, either.”

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

“It’s one of the few pieces of media that actually made me cry. And it has a ton of charm to it.”

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

“A super tacky adventure game that’s also very homoerotic. Also, werewolves.”


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