Gay-hating pundit Laura Ingraham is getting trolled for an epic self-own

Gay-hating pundit Laura Ingraham is getting trolled for an epic self-own

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Laura Ingraham

Gay-hating Fox News host Laura Ingraham probably thought she made a clever quip prior to Wednesday’s Republican debate.

But as it turns out, her little shot at Democrats was an incredible self-own.

Before the festivities began, Ingraham remarked the Democrats’ party platform consists of “pot, porn, [and] Planned Parenthood.”

If that’s the case, sign us up!

In all seriousness, those three pillars–marijuana legalization, access to pornographic and pro-choice policies–are all very popular among the American people. The data shows it.

Ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe, Americans’ support for legal abortion continues to climb. A record 69% of Americans say abortion should be legal in the first three months of pregnancy, and the prior high was 67%, which was recorded shortly after the Supreme Court’s controversial decision.

While support for abortion drops later in pregnancy (37% say it should be legal in the second three months of pregnancy and 22% in the last three months of pregnancy), those numbers are still the highest Gallup has found in trends since 1996.

The numbers are even greater when it comes to marijuana legalization. A majority of U.S. adults (59%) say pot should be legal for recreational and medical use, while 30% say it should be legal for medical use only. That means a whopping 89% of Americans think marijuana should be legally available to adults in some capacity. Only one-in-10 say marijuana use should never be legal.

And when it comes to pornography, a record 43% of Americans say they think porn is morally acceptable. Among young people (ages 18-34), 59% believe porn is morally OK.

When Gallup first started asking about porn in 2011, only 30% said it was morally acceptable (it’s worth noting the latest numbers are from 2018, so it’s fair to surmise those figures have only increased over the last five years).

By the way, porn isn’t mentioned in the Democratic Patty platform. But it is mentioned in the GOP’s!

Who’s obsessed with pornography, again?

It isn’t surprising these ridiculous comments came from Ingraham, one of the most vengeful mainstream conservative commentators out there (quite the feat)! She’s so odious, her brother, who’s gay, has publicly called her a “monster” and “racist.”

“I think she’s a monster,” he said in a 2018 interview. “She’s very smart, she’s well-spoken, but her emotional heart is just kind of dead.”

We’ll say. When Ingraham was editor of the conservative Dartmouth Review, she reportedly sent a writer to secretly tape a Gay Students Association meeting and then published excerpts from the meeting in which people talked about their sexual experiences and identities.

The right-wing firebrand has also compared same-sex relations to incest and said people would rather “wear adult diapers” than share a restroom with a transgender person.

We’re not sure where she comes up with these “facts,” but Ingraham is welcome to try that herself!

She’s monstrous, out of touch and plain out mean. Seems like a perfect standard bearer for the GOP!

Scroll down for more people dunking on her latest preposterous take…


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