Future Ru Girls? 25 Seattle drag queens that have us gooped & gagged

Future Ru Girls? 25 Seattle drag queens that have us gooped & gagged

You are currently viewing Future Ru Girls? 25 Seattle drag queens that have us gooped & gagged
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A photo collage of five Seattle drag queens and kings highlighting the diversity of the city's drag scene

Seattle’s drag scene is as vibrant and eclectic as the city itself, reflecting a rich tapestry of creativity, resilience, and empowerment. The Emerald City boasts a dynamic drag culture that has significantly contributed to the wider LGBTQ+ community, fostering an environment where artistry and identity flourish in dazzling displays of performance art.

Historically, Seattle has been a cradle for drag artistry, cultivating talents that have risen to national and even international prominence. Among the notable drag queens from Seattle, figures such as Jinkx Monsoon, BenDeLaCreme, Miz Cracker, and Bosco stand out. They’ve gained widespread acclaim through their iconic appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race and have contributed significantly to elevating Seattle’s drag scene on the global stage.

But there’s more to Seattle’s drag culture than these well-known queens. The city has a tight-knit community that supports and uplifts each other.

Venues and Events Shaping Seattle’s Drag Scene

Seattle’s drag history is also punctuated by key events and venues that have nurtured its community. The city has hosted various drag-related events that showcase the talent and creativity of its performers.

Seattle gay bars and restaurants including Julia’s on Broadway and Neighbours Nightclub offer stages where both established and emerging drag artists can shine, providing spaces where the art form is celebrated and appreciated. The Unicorn also boasts Seattle’s longest-running drag brunch.

Get to know Seattle’s next drag superstars

Peek into Seattle’s drag scene with us as we introduce you to some of the fabulous drag queens who are setting the stage on fire and winning over fans left and right.

The Seattle Medusa

The Seattle Medusa is known for her hypnotic performances and stunning looks. This Black, trans performer has been making waves in the drag scene, breaking barriers and challenging norms with every show.


Catch Arrietty on stage, and you’re in for a treat. She blends the fantastical with the fabulous, turning each performance into a whimsical adventure that’s too good to miss.

Izzy Access

Izzy Access is all about that energy and pizzazz, serving up performances that are as bold as they are beautiful. They’re the queen of making a statement and leaving you wanting more.

Jack King Goff

With Jack King Goff, expect the unexpected – a king who knows how to mix laughter with a little bit of edge. His shows are a rollercoaster ride of fun, flair, and freaky fabulousness.

Issa Man

Issa Man’s performances are a masterclass in curious and cool. She’s got that magnetic pull that keeps you hooked, blending a distinctively bold aesthetic with a captivating stage presence.

Stacey Starstruck

Get ready to be dazzled by Stacey Starstruck, whose name says it all. She’s got that star quality that lights up the room, delivering show-stopping numbers that are as sparkly as they are unforgettable.

Jane Don’t

Jane Don’t defies expectations with her unique brand of performance art, blending storytelling, humor, and a dash of the surreal. She’s not just a performer; they’re a provocateur, challenging audiences to think while they’re being entertained.

Rowan Ruthless

Rowan Ruthless lives up to her name with performances that are bold, daring, and unapologetic. Hosting multiple shows around the city, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the Seattle drag scene.

Londyn Bradshaw

Londyn Bradshaw is a beacon of style and sophistication, infusing her performances with a blend of glamour and wit. They’re also a gamer and a representative of The Twitch Black Guild.

Lü and Chi Noir (aka LÜCHI)

Lü and Chi Noir, known collectively as LÜCHI, are a dynamic duo whose performances are a masterclass in chemistry and charisma. Their performances are a mix of style, creativity, and connection that you won’t want to miss.

Miss Texas 1988

Miss Texas 1988 transports her audience back in time with a nostalgically quirky flair that’s all her own—blending vintage vibes with timeless talent. Spoiler alert: she was also the winner of season 5 of Camp Wannakiki!

Beau Degas

Beau Degas is an artiste of the stage, painting every performance with broad strokes of emotion and nuance. She’s not just a performer; she’s a living masterpiece, captivating audiences with her poise and presence.

Queen Andrew Scott

Queen Andrew Scott reigns supreme with her regal presence and commanding performances that got her to the top 4 of Drag Latina Season 2. Her performances are fierce affairs, where she shares her commanding charisma with lucky audiences.

Lucy Lips

Lucy Lips is the life of the party, bringing energy and excitement to every performance. She’s a whirlwind of color and movement, ensuring you’re never bored when she’s in the spotlight.

Cookie Couture

Sweet but with a dash of spice, Cookie Couture knows how to mix the perfect recipe for an unforgettable show. She’s baking up batches of fun, fashion, and flair, and trust us, you’ll want a taste.


Louvel weaves a tapestry of elegance and mystery in her performances, enchanting her audience with a blend of beauty and enigma. She’s not just a performer; she’s also a singer and a sorceress, casting spells of allure with every movement and gesture.

Clara Voyance

Clara Voyance offers a glimpse into the mystical and the mysterious, with performances that blur the line between the seen and the unseen. She’s not just a queen; she’s an oracle, providing audiences with a vision of drag that’s both ethereal and grounded.

Macy Marcs

Macy Marcs has a flair for fierce fashion. Her stylish performances and chic outfits make her a trendsetter in the Seattle drag scene.

Atasha Manila

Atasha Manila brings a touch of the exotic to her performances. Her vibrant shows and stunning outfits reflect her rich cultural heritage.

D’Angelo Danger

D’Angelo is a drag king who lives up to his name and is all about pushing the envelope. His daring performances and edgy style make him a thrilling presence on stage.

Dion Dior Black

Dion embodies the essence of glamor and sophistication. Her elegant performances and high-fashion looks make her a true diva of the drag world.

Rylee Raw

Embrace the unfiltered and uncompromising spirit of Rylee Raw, whose performances are as authentic as they are powerful. She’s a breath of fresh air, bringing an edge and earnestness to the stage that’s utterly refreshing.

Kenzie thee Kween

Kenzie reigns as National Pacific Northwest Bearded Queen 2023 with a playful spirit and infectious energy. She proves that every performance is a kingdom where fun and flair rule supreme.


DuckHunt is a two-spirit drag performer who aims for the heart with performances that are quirky, clever, and captivating. As an activist and Mx. Gay Seattle 2023, xe proves that drag is not just an art but also an exploration of joy and self-expression.

Help us shine a light on more drag stars!

Seattle’s buzzing with creative, charismatic drag performers, and we know there’s a whole bunch more talent out there just waiting for their big moment in the spotlight. Got a favorite Seattle drag queen or king we haven’t mentioned? Or maybe you’ve got the inside scoop on someone who’s making moves in the drag scene in your neck of the woods?

Take a quick minute to fill out this Google form to clue us in. Whether they’re the talk of the town, just starting to sparkle, or a hidden gem, we’re all about cheering on the diversity and creativity of drag artists in Seattle and beyond. Let’s make sure everyone gets their moment to shine in the vibrant drag community!


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