Former soap actor who posed for the cover of a gay magazine calls for “Straight Pride Month”

Former soap actor who posed for the cover of a gay magazine calls for “Straight Pride Month”

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Matthew Marsden
Matthew Marsden (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Some of you may remember a British-American actor named Matthew Marsden. After a successful modeling career in the mid 1990s, he landed two high-profile roles on the UK soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street in the late ’90s. 

This turned him into a celebrity in the UK. He subsequently attempted to launch a singing career. A 1998 version of the Hall & Oates song “She’s Gone” featured none other than Destiny’s Child on backing vocals (both acts were signed to the same label).

When he failed to set the pop charts alight, Marsden then relocated to the US, where he has continued to pick up acting work. Most notably, a bit role in Black Hawk Down and the TV shows Helen of Troy and Reacher. He was also in the 2008 Rambo movie and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

According to Wikipedia, he was born in either 1972 or 1973, making him 51 or 52. In recent years, he’s become increasingly vocal about his conservative politics, culminating in a spate of tweets yesterday about his heterosexuality. 

In one, he called for July to be called “Straight Pride Month.”

“I am hearby announcing that July will now be straight pride month. It’s about time we came out of the shadows. Who is with me? #straightpride.”

‘Attitude’ magazine cover

Marsden’s tweet raised eyebrows. Many gay men of a certain age remember that when he tried to launch his pop career he graced the cover of Attitude magazine and even performed at LGBTQ+ pride festivals. 

One person to remind Marsden of this prompted a ‘so what?’ response. 

In other tweets, he said he was “coming out” as straight and encouraged others to do the same.

He also invited people to send submissions for a “Straight Pride Flag” (although we fear that abomination already exists).

Anti-vaccine and anti-woke

When some X users suggested people boycott Marsden’s work, he took the opportunity to promote his soon-to-be-released new movie, Protocol 7. From its trailer, it appears to be a low-budget, anti-vaccine “corporate thriller” which chimes with Marsden’s own anti-vax stance. 

In a later tweet, following online criticism for his “Straight Pride” tweet, Marsden accused his critics of intolerance. 

“They didn’t like me saying #straightpride at all, did they? I am glad that some people show their hypocrisy so blatantly now. The left has zero sense of humor and are absolutely inconsistent with their application of tolerance. But you already knew that.”

Clearly, as some people need reminding, the reason we don’t have “Straight Pride” is that straight people are not raised to feel shame about their sexuality. They are not told they are sinful, immoral, or wrong simply for who they love. Heterosexuals are not sacked simply because of who they marry. They do not face arrest or imprisonment in several countries around the world because of their sexuality. They are not subject to the risk of violence and attack simply because someone else takes offense to their straightness.

We suspect Marsden, former gay magazine cover star, probably knows all this. But all the best with your “Straight Pride” — knock yourself out.


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