David Archuleta has no time for zealot who says he lost all “joy in his eyes” after coming out

David Archuleta has no time for zealot who says he lost all “joy in his eyes” after coming out

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David Archuleta in a black suit.

To most observers, American Idol alum David Archuleta is clearly happier since he came out in 2021.

Despite this, it appears some people still refuse to believe he could possibly be joyful as an out queer man.

Over the weekend, Archuleta re-shared a comment someone posted on his social media.

“He only thinks he is happier because he doesn’t have the devil pressuring him to live up to the covenants he made with Heavenly Father,” began the message. “He isn’t happier.”

The writer suggests people compare photos of Archuleta from now and a couple of years ago.

“The literal light of Christ in his eyes is completely gone. He has no true joy in his eyes anymore.”

Oh dear Lord!

Archuleta responds

Archuleta shot to fame when he came second on American Idol in 2015. He recently appeared on The Masked Singer.

On the same Instagram posting, Archuleta revealed the effort it took to smile while in the closet.

“I had to work to look happy while debating whether to keep living or take my own life. I hated myself for being attracted to men and told I had to rid of it to be pure. I thought I should end my life because of the ‘evil’ I thought was in me that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t ‘overcome’.”

Archuleta went on to offer a message to other queer people struggling with the messages they receive from their church.

“They should know living your life even if it’s not according to your church’s rules you grew up in, it’s still a life worth living. So stay. And allow yourself to love and be loved. That’s the godliest feeling I’ve ever experienced and didn’t fully until I embraced what God, or at least what I’ve always understood was God, told me to do.”

“Please don’t give up”

Archuleta elaborated further in a caption to the posting.

“I am going to post from time to time this reminder in case there is anybody else out there who happens to be where I was a couple years ago at a rock bottom.

“Despite what people may say of me now, I have never felt confidence in myself like I have today. Love for myself. And light. People’s perception of darkness I now understand is their own judgment and dark take because they were taught to judge and be afraid of anyone queer.

“That’s on them. Not on me. Not on you,” he said.

“Please don’t give up … Even when you feel all is lost, please hang in there. The fight is worth it.”

“Find safe places to find comfort and help like theTrevorproject.org which is a great one.”

Archuleta has spoken before of struggling to reconcile his religious upbringing with his sexuality. Last year, he announced he was taking a break from the Mormon church. He ended his latest message by saying, “I cherish a lot of what I grew up with … beliefs of faith and community, but a lot of it also caused me to fear a lot of things, including myself and hating me for it.

“I’ve learned that’s not how it has to be, nor how it should be … Let’s keep working together ❤️”


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