Crossdressing / Transgender Bras: Your Top 7 Bra Problems – Solved!

Crossdressing / Transgender Bras: Your Top 7 Bra Problems – Solved!

You are currently viewing Crossdressing / Transgender Bras: Your Top 7 Bra Problems – Solved!
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Crossdressing / Transgender Bras: Your Top 7 Bra Problems - Solved!

Feeling feminine is as easy as slipping into a beautiful bra.

However, it’s not always easy to get the perfect fit since most bras aren’t designed with crossdressers and transgender women in mind.

But fear not, because there ARE solutions!

In this blog post, I share how to solve your 7 biggest bra problems. Discover how to find the perfect fit and style, so you and “your girls” can look your absolute best.

Problem #1: Wrinkled Or Gapping Bra Cups

black bra

Bra cups that don’t lay smooth are a common problem. Fortunately, there are two easy fixes:

  • Go down a cup size. The main reason for wrinkles is that your breasts don’t fill out the bra cups. Try going down a cup size. For example, from a 38B to a 38A.
  • Choose a demi bra instead of a full coverage bra. Full coverage bras often have extra space at the top of the cup. A demi bra that’s cut lower eliminates this problem.

Problem #2: Can’t Find A Bra My Size

lacy bra

If you opt not to wear breast forms with your bra, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit. Crossdressers and transgender women often struggle to find bras with small cups and large band sizes, as they are not commonly available.

Luckily, I’ve curated a list of bra options specifically catering to those with smaller breasts and broader body proportions:

Problem #3: Back Bulge

woman wearing black bra

Another common issue many face is back bulge, often caused by back fat or an ill-fitting bra. So, how can you bid farewell to this dreaded problem?

  • Opt for a larger band size. Wearing a band that’s too tight can lead to bulging. Increase your band size by going up one size, such as from a size 42 to a size 44 band.
  • Seek bras with flexibility. Look for bras crafted from smooth and stretchy fabrics. These types of bras are less likely to dig into your skin compared to stiffer ones.
  • Give longline bras a try. Longline bras feature a wider band that aids in eliminating back bulge. This design provides additional support and helps create a smooth silhouette.

Problem #4: Wide-set Breasts

front closure pink bra

Wide-set breasts can be a common concern for crossdressers and transgender women due to their broader rib cages. This can pose two challenges: finding a properly fitting bra and achieving the desired cleavage. 

Here are four solutions tailored to wide-set breasts:

  • Look for pushup pads. A bra with padding on the sides helps push the breasts together.
  • Wear a wireless bra. Underwires can be uncomfortable if they’re not properly centered beneath the breasts. In this case, a wireless bra will fit you better.
  • Choose a bra with a wide center panel. The wider the center panel (the triangle-shaped area between the bra cups), the better the bra will fit.
  • Find a front closure bra. Front closure tend to have wider-set cups due to the center clasp.

Problem #5: Bra Straps Fall Down

backside of bra

Nothing is more annoying than straps that don’t stay put. Here’s how to solve this problem:

  • Tighten the bra straps. Bra straps stretch out over time, so they should be tightened every other month or so.
  • Look for silicone bra straps. Some bras have a silicone lining on the straps that helps keep them in place. You can also purchase silicone bra strap cushions that can be worn with any bra.
  • Try a different bra style. Balconette and plunge bras tend to have wider straps that are prone to falling. Instead, look for a bra with a racerback or crisscross straps.

Problem #6: Breast Forms Don’t Stay In Place

white bra

When it comes to wearing breast forms, choosing the right bra is crucial. Here are five essential tips to guide you:

  • Look for a pocket bra. Opt for a bra with built-in pockets specifically designed to hold the breast forms securely in place.
  • Go for a full coverage. Another option is a full coverage bra. The cups should fully cover the breast forms for a seamless look.
  • Opt for underwires. Select bras with underwires for added support and shape, especially if you are wearing heavy or large forms.
  • Ensure a snug bra band. This provides support for the breast forms. To test, put a finger under the band between your breasts. If you can fit two or more fingers, the band is too loose. Tighten it or go down a band size.
  • Avoid low cut bras. Low cut bras don’t have enough coverage to support the breast forms. Choose a full coverage bra instead.
  • Avoid bras that are too small. Bras that are too small can damage your breast forms. Look for a bra that fits you properly.

Problem #7: Bra Shows Through Clothing

woman wearing brown bra

Just like visible panty lines, a bra that peeks through your clothes isn’t exactly fashionable (unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for).

Here’s how to ensure your bra stays discreetly concealed:

  • Look for bras with smooth cups and minimal details. Lacy fabrics and trimmings are pretty, but they often show through lightweight fabrics.
  • Wear a black or skin tone bra. The black bra should be worn under dark clothing, while a nude or skin tone bra words best with light colors. Avoid white bras since these tend to show through clothing.

What are YOUR biggest bra problems?

Hopefully your biggest bra problem now is having too many bras and too little time!

But if you have any bra woes that weren’t covered, share them below so we can help. And if you have any other tips to add to this list, I’d love to hear them!


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