Chapter 38 – One More Surgery

Chapter 38 – One More Surgery

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Finally, my online MBA was finished. It had taken a bit longer than I planned to complete. But it is finally done. I flew to Indiana University in Bloomington for several days for my MBA orals and my present my thesis. I was glad it was a short flight from Chicago.

Diane was out for just over four months. Although she stopped in on occasion, I could tell the toll her cancer treatments had on her during this visit. Diane had lost a lot of weight. But she seemed pleased with how I managed her company when she was under treatment.

But I still had a situation that constantly reminded me. I hated to have to wear a gaff with my tight-fitting dresses and skirts because of the bulge my darn penis projected, even though my hormones shriveled it quite a bit. That night at home, I told Bill I wanted to talk with him about something important. We sat on our couch, said I was thinking of reconstructive surgery and why I needed it, and wanted to know what he thought about it.

“Savannah. I love you just the way you are. If you wish to have the procedure, I’ll gladly support you and love you just as much as I do now.” I told Bill I wanted to talk to Mother but needed his input first since he is my husband. And I know I’d most likely require Dr. Knight’s approval as well. I wondered by women who get reconstructive surgery like breast augmentation didn’t have to obtain a doctor’s permission, but transgender individuals did. It’s a double standard. I decided then to become and stout advocate for transgender rights.

During one of my breaks at work the next day, I closed my office door and called Mom. I told her I wanted her opinion on me having the procedure. Just like Bill, she said she and Gwen would support me in any decision I made. I called Gwen next and received the same answer.

Even though I saw Dr. Knight not that long ago, we didn’t discuss the reconstructive procedure. I sent her an email and asked if I needed to see her first. She wrote back late that afternoon, and she would send me a letter to authorize the procedure, along with a colleague of hers in Chicago, if I wished to talk to someone pre or post procedures. With my permission, she would send her notes of our sessions. I was so glad I kept Diane up to date with my transition progression over the years.

That night at home, I started researching places to have the procedure and the doctors’ backgrounds that performed the procedure. I narrowed it down to a doctor in Colorado and another in Beverly Hills, California.

Bill was home late from the office. I gave him a glass of wine. So after he unwound from being in a hard court battle, I briefly told him what I found out. He came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss and said,

“Then do it, Savannah,” I told him the two places, and he preferred the one out of Colorado. He said it would be a shorter plane ride for him and my Mother. I called Mother back and told her, but I didn’t have a date set. Mother was so happy. With this procedure, I could have Bill legally have my sex changed on my birth certificate.

The next morning I told Diane. She was elated. I didn’t want to schedule anything until she felt one hundred percent from her cancer treatments. Diane said, “Schedule it, Savannah. I’ll be fine. I am feeling stronger each day. It feels good to be back and not sit at home anyway.” I went downstairs to have Mrs. Turner schedule my time off. I later found out that Diane waived my time off for my procedure. I didn’t particularly appreciate being treated differently than other employees and wondered if the other transgender ladies (or transgender gentlemen, if there were now any) received the same treatment.

I wrote Dr. Knight back and told her; and told her where and who the surgeon was. She said she met Dr. Bass from her specialty training at U.C. Berkeley. Dr. Knight said she was here for me if I required any support. I told Bill that evening.

“Set the date, Savannah .” I was so excited. I pulled Bill into the bedroom to make love. The next day I called the institute where Dr. Bass worked and spoke to the sweetest nurse, then to patient scheduling. I scheduled a one day visit to meet with Dr. Bass. I called Mom if she wished to join me. She said she’d love to if it were too much of a hassle. Friday evening, after work, I flew home. On Sunday afternoon, Mother and I flew to Colorado. We spent the night in a hotel and saw the doctor the Monday morning.

Dr. Bass was very understanding of my and Mother’s questions. She said Dr. Knight had already sent her approval letter for me to proceed. I felt embarrassed to have to undress and show her my penis. I still really didn’t need my jawline shaved, or vocal cords scraped. She said she had an opening in 10-days but needed blood work and an HIV test. She left for approximately 30-minutes, so Mother and I could discuss it. I tried calling Bill by assumed he was in court. I left him a message.

“Your choice, Savannah .” Mom said.

Dr. Bass came back in, and I said without any hesitation or equivocation, “Let’s do it.” Dr. Bass wrote me a script for the required blood work and medications I needed for post-surgery.

We went out to the lobby to the finance office and discussed what my insurance would and would not cover. Plus, how long I had to stay in the hospital and in Colorado to recover. I asked Mother if she’d stay with me. I went to their lab to get what seemed six gallons of blood drawn, and we returned to the airport to fly home. I spend two nights with Mom, and we looked through videos and pamphlets. YouTube had this amazing animation video of the procedure. We both grimaced at some cutting with the scalpel, but it didn’t deter my reserve from having the procedure. I called Bill, and he said he’d visit on weekends and get a hotel with adjoining rooms so Mother would have one when he visited. Then he later called back and said he’s rent a short-term condo for my stay.

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Savannah. I didn’t know wives cost so much?”

My reply was, “Who said we were cheap?”

I called Dr. Knight the next morning to see if she had an opening to see me. Mother and I saw her the next day at 2 PM. Dr. Knight was so supportive and was happy to see me again.

Gwen came over for dinner and drove Mom and me to the airport Sunday morning.

Mother and I arrived back in Colorado. My procedure was Tuesday, and I had to see Dr. Bass once more the next day. The rental condo Bill rented was close to where Dr. Bass was and very close to grocery stores. We headed to see Dr. Bass. More bloodwork.

Mother and I had dinner in a nearby restaurant. I thought I’d be more nervous. I read and reread the pamphlets and could almost recite them verbatim. Of course, Mother had me to the hospital early.

The nurses prepped me, and Dr. Bass came in, and we talked awhile. Mother kissed me just before the anesthesia quickly slumbered me into a deep sleep. I don’t know how long the procedure took, but just like my breast augmentation, I woke up in the recovery room with Mom and the nurse looking down at me.

“How do you feel, Mrs. Comings?”

“Groggy.” Mom smiled at me and held my hand. I must have been in recovery for about an hour or so and then moved to the hospital room. The nurse told Mom I’d probably sleep a lot, and she should go back to the condo. Of course, Mother would have nothing of it. The IV kept my pain down surprisingly well. I knew I was swollen.

After my vaginal packing was removed and the nurse instructed Mother and me how to use the stents, just like when I first thought of my modesty after my augmentation surgery, the same thing happened with my new vagina. Did I want the nurse and Mother to see it? Both Mother and had read up on it, but the nurse explained it again anyway. Did I want Mother doing this for me? The nurse said she would be doing them for me while I was in the hospital; then, she would supervise me until she considered me proficient. I gasped when she inserted it even though she lubed it with medical water-based grade lubricant.

I was in the hospital for four-days then could return to the condo with Mom. Mom explained how I should properly wipe after urinating when I was healed. I never knew that. I went to the bathroom to pee, and my pee sprayed everywhere only because of being swollen. I did my best to do my dilations. In a week, I saw Dr. Bass again, and she said my healing seemed to be on schedule and to increase the length of time the dilator was in. I could increase the thickness of the dilator if I felt comfortable I saw her again before we left. She sent the prescription to my Costco pharmacy and gave me a supply of necessary items. I told Dr. Bass I’d be home with my Mother and would need some medication prescriptions sent to the pharmacy there as well. I found it very interesting and told Mother that I was pleased my new vagina came with written instructions. Mother laughed.

The plane ride to Mother’s home was rough and bumpy and hurt like hell, especially the landing. I loved being back in my canopy bed and eventually was able to take soothing baths. Mom was so helpful in keeping my stents sterilized for me. I could walk more and more and disliked not being able to run until I was healed. I walked as much as I could. I talked to Bill every night, or he called me. I missed my husband. He told me he had ‘blue balls’ thinking of me. I felt so sorry for him and didn’t know what to do for him.

I also talked to Diane and remotely worked from home, just like my first procedure. I wanted to go home to my husband and plan to ask Mother if she wished to stay with us. I decided to stay with Mom for one more week, then return home and maybe to work. I called Dr. Knight and told her the procedure went well, and I graciously thanked her again. Diane called and said she was happy with my work and that I should stay home with Mother. I told her I missed Bill and wanted to go back to him. Donna and Sara had no idea why I was gone for so long. Diane told them I had a female procedure. Mother came to Chicago for ten-days. Bill was happy and couldn’t wait to see him and at least give him a much-needed blowjob while I was resting in bed. He came in and straddled me, and I blew him — what a load he had for me. I missed loving him. Anal intercourse didn’t work since it was too close to my new vagina. Bill said he would wait as long as necessary for me to recover.

Bill loved Mom’s cooking. I said she didn’t have to cook all the time but knew I’d lose this battle even if this was my home. Mother left after one week, and I drove her to the airport and thanked her for being there for me.

I was up and about more and more. Wishing I could run, but I knew that day would come soon enough. I’d become very proficient and inserting the dilator and longingly wanted Bill to penetrate me. Life was fantastic for Bill, and I and work seemed to have a few issues that required me to solve. Sara and I kept creating new ideas together.

I knew Bill needed and probably wanted something besides a blowjob or handjob. It was after dinner one Saturday night and came over to Bill. He was reading a book in his recliner. I stood behind him and began kissing his neck. Bill put his book down. He stood up and held and kissed me. I held his hand and led him to our master bedroom. I whispered, “Make love to me, Bill.” I undressed him, and he undressed me. I laid on my back and handed him the lube. Bill was throbbing. He gently eased into my new vagina then went deep. I made animal sounds. Bill’s pace pickup up, and he began to thrust harder and deeper. It was a truly unique and beautiful feeling. Bill’s eyes were gleaming as he laid next to me, looking at me. He felt better than any dilator ever could. I was finally a complete woman. Bill was kind and offered to sleep on the wet spot.

Bill couldn’t get enough of me.

In just over four months, I could now take nice long runs, and it felt exhilarating. I loved Bill, I loved my work, and I love my life with Bill. I threw away all my gaffs. I could now join my gym’s yoga classes and not worry about showing a bulge during the stretches. I met many nice ladies in the classes and in the locker room that fostered a few new girlfriends. I had thoughts of the slumber party and seeing partially naked girlfriends. I was now genuinely accepted as a real woman.

I told Bill I always want him to be my first ‘dilator’ of the day. He didn’t complain.

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