Blessed is the chest: Gay Twitter™ shares their favorite chest pics of the year

Blessed is the chest: Gay Twitter™ shares their favorite chest pics of the year

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Man with hairy chest

Blessed is the chest… or whatever that scripture says.

It’s been a big year for a lot of people –– nepo babies, Kylie Minogue fans, and anyone who collects Barbies –– but there’s no denying that men’s chests are also having a moment.

But has a good pair of pecs ever gone out of style?!

Regardless, gays on the social media app formerly known as Twitter are not passing up the opportunity to show off their goods.

It all started with –– what else? –– a post from @zacatack26 prompting users to “Quote this with [your] best chest pic of 2023 pls.”

The post has since received over 17 million views (and counting!), with more than 3,700 users joining the discourse.

Furthermore, the prompt has already been bookmarked more than 2,000 times, meaning a lot of LGBTQ+ users are saving this thread for future reference. You know, for science and stuff.

Honestly, this is probably the most uplifting conservation in a year that’s inspired countless debates on Gay Twitter X.

Last month, a war was waged (and lost) on furry chests. Back in October, bearded bros shared pics of their facial hair in defense of the mustache.

And let us not forget the volcanic eruption that occurred when one gay asked, “Why are you, a top, wearing a jock strap?”

Perhaps we’re all just looking for excuses to show off online?

Still, we can’t argue with the chokehold that muscular chests appear to have on the LGBTQ+ community.

According to a 2021 survey from Bony to Beastly, a whopping 46% of gay men said they found the chest muscle group most attractive.

The second most-attractive? Arms at 15%, followed by legs and shoulders with 14% and 11%, respectively.

(Only 2% of respondents said butt muscles were the most attractive, so maybe 2024 is gearing up to be the year of the booty?)

If you’re looking to build up your own chest muscles, we recommend integrating more exercises like bench press, push-ups, and chest dips into your routine.

Still, we’ve got to hand it to @dillydillydilly who shared what might be the most enviable chest pic of the year: one filled with money.

What?! Being gay is expensive!

Scroll down for more of gay social media users’ favorite chest pics of the year.


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