15 tips for taking the perfect mirror selfie

15 tips for taking the perfect mirror selfie

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Are you just chilling at home in cute loungewear? Maybe you’ve stepped out for an errand or gone to the gym without running into anyone you know. Whatever the case, don’t let a great outfit go to waste. Seriously, show off your style and take a mirror selfie

Ready to capture your next best mirror selfie for Instagram? Keep reading to discover how to take a good mirror selfie!

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How To Take A Selfie In The Mirror

young man in suit with smartphone taking mirror selfie at clothing store

Versus regular selfies that only capture a part of your look, you can get a whole body shot in one frame with mirror selfies. Plus, you have full creative control of the shot, from lighting to the different angles you pull off. 

Let’s uncover the anatomy of a great mirror selfie, step-by-step.

Set Up (And Clean) Your Mirror

Figure out where you’re shooting. Is it a picture in front of a bathroom mirror? Or is it an #OOTD photo that calls for a full-length mirror? Some people even purchase mirrors with funky frames or shapes just for the aesthetic! 

If you can, position your mirror in a well lit area of your home. You can even take mirror selfies outdoors if you possible – the verdant vibes got trendy over the pandemic. 

Don’t forget to make sure your selfie mirror is spotless. Maybe the whole dusty grunge vibe is your aesthetic, but for most people, a dirty mirror can be off-putting.

Find The Best Lighting

Rule #1 when you take a photo: lighting is everything – you’ll get an amazing picture with good natural lighting. Even better, shoot during golden hour because the warm sunlight looks most flattering on your skin. It’s also a great time to play with shadows and silhouettes. 

If you don’t have enough natural light where you are, you can always fake natural sunlight with a diffused ring light. You can also warm up your photo with a filter.

Tidy Up Your Background

We understand not all of us can haul a huge full-length mirror about. Usually our mirrors are in our bedrooms, bathrooms, or even living areas—spaces that can get messy sometimes. So, clear out the clutter. Make sure nothing embarrassing shows up in your image.

If you want to elevate your photo, set up your foreground and background, strategically placing furniture or accent pieces here and there. 

Pro-tip: Match the space around your selfie mirror to the aesthetic of your Instagram account.

Figure Out Your Outfit (if Any)

A mirror selfie is the perfect opportunity to let your followers focus on what you’re wearing. That’s why fashion models and content creators love it so much. 

Stand out among the ever-growing sea of mirror selfie photos with bold colors, contrasting textures, and interesting layers. Or, you know, show off your body. No need to curate a whole outfit for that. In the words of the mighty Kim Kardashian “Nude selfies ‘til I die.”

Strike a pose and mind those angles

Flaunt that outfit. Or show off all that hard work you’ve been doing at the gym. Flex that arm, take a cheeky bathroom mirror selfie to show off your six pack. Basically, experiment with new poses and discover your best angle! Mirror selfies are a fun way to flirt with yourself, gain more confidence, and capture your personality.

Look At Your Phone, Not Your Screen

A common mistake when taking mirror selfies: looking at your own reflection. That, or looking at yourself on your phone screen. Not the most flattering, especially if you’ve worked so hard on curating your image. 

Next time you take a photo in the mirror, look straight ahead at your phone. Specifically, the camera lens reflected in the mirror. It’ll look like you’re making eye contact with the viewer, which looks fierce.

Aesthetic Mirror Selfie Poses You Need To Try Next

You’ve heard of the saying, “Image is everything.” Well, the perfect mirror selfie is nothing without you looking good in it. So don’t be shy. Take a break from the front facing camera for a while. Set up that self-timer and get into photoshoot mode with these different poses (and our tips for nailing them).Oh, and don’t forget to shoot in burst mode in case you move or blink accidentally.

Put Your Phone Near Or In Front Of Your Face

This one’s probably one of the more common mirror selfie poses, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Rest your head on one hand, keep that phone close to your face, and snap! Don’t forget to stretch your neck slightly and jut your chin out to bring out that jawline! Or you could add some mystery to your photo by covering half or the whole of your head with your phone. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

We’ve got a life hack to make your legs look longer. Tilt your selfie mirror a bit, shoot torso-down, put one foot in front of the other, and point your toe. 

You could make your pose look more casual, too. Rest back on one leg, but don’t bend over backwards. You don’t want to look uncomfortable.

Make It All About The Outfit

As we said, mirror selfies are the best way to capture the perfect OOTD. One way to emphasize your ensemble? A neutral backdrop and a pose that keeps your ‘fit all in one frame. 

Need an example? Stretch (or cross) those legs to spotlight those pants you got on sale. Run a hand through your hair and lean your elbow against the wall—this works well if you’re wearing something with funky sleeves. 

An easy way to take a fashion forward photo? Squat or get down on the floor.

Take A Frame Within A Frame Photo

Say you’ve chanced upon a mirror with an interesting frame. Or you’ve found the perfect one for your vanity and want to create your first GRWM photo with it. Sit or stand a bit further away from the mirror so it’s all in the shot. 

Pro-tip: Enable the camera grid and line it up with the mirror for a balanced image.

Crop Out Your Camera Or Use A Tripod

Want to know how to take a mirror selfie without the phone showing? This is a pretty cool way to look like someone else is taking your photo. 

Make room next to your mirror and set up your camera, ideally on a tripod. The camera shouldn’t reflect in the mirror, but you can always crop it out. Then just tilt and shift your camera until you find a good angle.

A Window Works Just As Well

While it’s not a selfie mirror per se, you can also use a sliding glass door or floor-length mirror on a sunny day out. It’s a creative way to snap up a good picture of your silhouette. Bonus points if you’re also showing off your scenic vacay spot!

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Flash

Maybe you want to recreate those mirror pics from the MySpace era., or maybe there’s really nothing you can do to save your lighting situation. Here’s how to take a good mirror selfie with flash.

Experiment with angles and flash settings to see where the light hits. You can also combine this with the tips we mentioned earlier on taking mirror selfies without showing the camera. Position it somewhere outside the mirror’s reflection, and crop if you have to.

Use A Polaroid Or Camera

Fun fact: one of the earliest mirror selfies in the world is by the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. Recreate that old-timey aesthetic by learning how to take a mirror selfie with a polaroid or camera. As with most of our tips, angles and experimentation are key. Position your shot well and be mindful of the flash since it can damage your camera lens.

No Mirror? No Problem

Some bonus tips for those of you who just want to know how to take a full body selfie without a mirror. For this, you’ll need some space. Position your phone a ways away from where you’ll be posing. Switch back to your front facing camera, position your body within the image showing on your screen, turn on your self-timer, and start shooting.

The Perfect Mirror Selfie Is A Snap Away

We as a society have come a long way where pictures in mirrors are concerned. From digicams and camera flip phones in the early aughts to trending photos on celebrity news. With more people getting creative on Instagram, mirror selfies are a lot more versatile than they used to be. 

Despite that, taking a perfect mirror selfie is still extremely simple. All you need? A mirror (obviously), a phone, the right pose and angle, and a whole lot of experimenting. Have fun with your next selfie photoshoot—we love to see it!

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