Where in public is it appropriate to wear a Speedo? Gay guys have thoughts

Where in public is it appropriate to wear a Speedo? Gay guys have thoughts

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Man in Speedo at supermarket

Walk into a grocery store in a T-shirt and board shorts, and you’re unlikely to get much attention. But walk into a store in a tee and a Speedo, and you’re bound to turn heads. Take the Reddit user who saw such a sight and told the r/askgaybros forum all about it.

“Today, I saw a dude at the supermarket wearing a Speedo like it was regular shorts,” that Redditor wrote in a recent thread. “He was wearing a T-shirt, sneakers, and a bright blue Speedo. Couple inches of his midriff showing. Just going about his shopping like it was the most normal thing in the world. At a f*cking Food Lion.”


This Reddit user has even come across two or three other Speedo-clad guys in public over the past year. “Is this gonna be an actual thing, or are these freak occurrences?” he wrote. “Because I need to get some squats in if it’s gonna be a thing.”

Some commenters said men of bygone eras would wear scrote totes in public all the time. “I have a vague recollection of seeing a few guys in stores wearing briefs-size bathing suits with a button-down shirt and flip-flops back in the late ’70s, early ’80s (though I was a kid, so memory is only semi-reliable). Of course, that was the era of half-shirts and short shorts often worn as casual attire in public. Slightly less conservative times regarding clothing in some ways, I guess.”

Someone else pointed out that Speedos—a.k.a. Saint-Tropez truffle duffles—are common sights in European beach towns. “You’re lying on the beach in a Speedo then put on a tee and go grab something to eat,” that user wrote.

“Confirmed,” another commenter wrote. “I live in Italy. Speedos never went out of style here. Everyone wears them—young, old, fat, thin, etc.”

It’s also an Aussie beach bum tradition, too, as one user from Down Under reported.

“If it were the height of summer, and you were in a beachside suburb, and this guy was strolling in after leaving the beach for the afternoon following his swim, and he needed to grab some stuff before he walked to his apartment just one block away from the actual beach and this supermarket was on the main road next to the beach, literally nobody would bat an eyelid,” he said.

One Reddit user referred gay bros to a 2006 New Zealand TV commercial for Tip Top Trumpet ice cream treats, one that sought to “simplify summer” by showing when men’s swimwear (or “togs,” in the local parlance) turn into underpants. “If you can’t see the water, you’re in underpants,” the narrator of the ad explains. “Local supermarkets, pedestrian crossings, office buildings, and buses—all underpant-transformation areas. If we treat the budgie smuggler with respect … everyone wins.”

But other Redditors say we should be welcoming the bikini brigrade.

“I’m liking the idea of this trend,” one wrote. 

“Sounds hot,” said another.

Far be it for us at Queerty to but any kibosh on banana hammocks!

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