WATCH: Tom Daley shares what he eats each day now that he’s back in training

WATCH: Tom Daley shares what he eats each day now that he’s back in training

You are currently viewing WATCH: Tom Daley shares what he eats each day now that he’s back in training
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Tom Daley
Tom Daley (Photo: YouTube)

Juggling how many carbs, proteins and fats to consume is a daily struggle for many of us who are trying to build or maintain muscle, or simply stay trim.

British diver Tom Daley has posted a video this week revealing what he eats each day, now that he’s in training.

Daley took a two-year break from sport after winning gold at the 2021 Olympics. He announced a couple of months ago that he was returning to diving to see if he still ranked as a contender. His hope is to potentially qualify again for the Olympics, due to take place in Paris in 2024. However, now aged 29, he would be probably the oldest competitor in his sport.

Daley is currently training with fellow athletes, including diving partner Matty Lee, in Mallorca. He posted a video that’s packed with nutritional insights… and footage of divers in their shorts.

Should you not want to watch the whole thing, here are a few nutritional takeaways.

  • Tom drinks a lot of water throughout the day, starting from the moment he gets up.
  • He adds powdered collagen to his morning espresso.
  • Breakfast is a large omelette with a side of guacamole, and a bowl of cereal.
  • He likes to have a snack within 20 minutes of training. Ideally, this will offer at least 20g of protein and 20g of carbohydrate, which he calls his 20-20-20 formula.
  • His hotel buffet lunch finds him piling his plate with a random variety of dishes, but he remains mindful of the mix of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables: Tuna, salad, broccoli, paella and spaghetti bolognese. For dessert, melon.
  • For protein powders, he avoids ones with too much carbohydrate and opts for whey isolate-based ones. He also takes creatine supplements.
  • An apple makes the perfect afternoon snack.
  • Dinner is a pile of vegetables and chicken with a small amount of pasta. He kept the carbs low on this occasion as he wanted to treat himself to some ice cream for dessert.

At the end of the video, Daley answers some questions from fans. After recently conducting an interview with Hillary Clinton, he says he’d love to do something similar with Michelle Obama. The former First Lady is, like Daley, apparently a lover of knitting, so that’s at least one thing they’d have to talk about.


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