Twit Awards for the Week 4/2924

Twit Awards for the Week 4/2924

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to stop transgender teachers from wearing clothing that reflects their gender identity. The entire nation has trouble hiring enough teachers, given how teacher’s salaries have not risen in line with salaries in other occupations. Texas in particular has a problem with teachers quitting due to the provisions of the war on “woke.” Now, on top of it all, he wants to instill policies such as this. For ignoring the real problems facing his state to continue his vendetta against transgender people Governor Greg Abbott gets a Twit Award. The Texas Tribune has this story.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee just signed into law a bill which allows people with anti-LGBTQ religious beliefs to adopt LGBTQ children. Absolutely not credible research shows that parents can change their child’s gender identity or sexual orientation, and certainly not the methods that religions use. For promoting a policy which is likely to cause mental health issues in the foster children adopted, Governor Bill Lee and Tennessee state legislators get a Twit Award. This story comes from Them.

The Murrieta Valley Unified School District board voted to ignore an order from the state of California to follow the state Department of Education policy on transgender students. In this district, parents will be notified if their child asks to be called by a name other than what is on their birth certificate, or use a pronoun not associated with their “biological sex.” For siding with bully parents, and refusing to protect students whose parents are willing to harm them, the Murrieta Vally Unified School District Board gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Patrick Morrisey, the Attorney General for West Virginia, and Chris Miller, a businessman, are candidates for governor of West Virginia. Both are targeting transgender children in their ads. West Virginia just got singled out by an appeals court for its discriminatory ban on transgender athletes, which the state approved despite the fact that only one transgender athlete, Becky Pepper-Jackson, could be found. For ignoring the problems of the state in order to focus on something as minor as this, Chris Miller and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey get a Twit Award. West Virginia Public Broadcasting has this story.

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