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Flamy Grant

The top album on the iTunes Christian chart is by Flamy Grant, a drag queen. The hit song from the album is titled Boys Will Be Girls, according to Them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has expressed its continuing support for gender-affirming medicine for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This story comes from The Advocate.

A drag show in North Carolina was postponed due to a public safety threat received by the venue. Police have identified a suspect who is believed to have issued the threat. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

The Independent Press Standards Office in the U.K. published new guidelines for reporting on sex and gender identity. PinkNews explains what it means.

Quakers in Britain signed a pledge to stand with transgender people in their quest for legal rights. PinkNews has this story.

Suzy Eddie Izzard

Suzy Eddie Izzard has announced her candidacy for Labour MP from Brighton Pavilion. This not only makes it official that she is a candidate, but also tells us the riding (district) where she is standing (running) for election. Metro has this story.

A three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that transgender students in Indiana must be allowed to use the restroom which matches their gender identity. The ruling not only upholds the decision of the Southern District of Indiana, but also upholds a previous ruling by the Seventh Circuit. The Hill has this report.

A judge in Ohio dismissed a lawsuit in which Parents Defending Education asked the court to overturn the school board’s policies that respected the rights of transgender students. This story comes from The Advocate.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed an executive order which requires state agencies to define “male” and “female” according to the sex assigned at birth. Metro Weekly has this story.

A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court ruling which allows the state of Kentucky to enforce a ban on gender-affirming care for minors while the ban is being tried in court. The AP’s story can be found at NBC News.

Zaya Wade

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union say that moving out of Florida has helped their transgender daughter, Zaya, “blossom.” PinkNews has this story.

A transgender student in Missouri is suing her former school and its school district, for making her use the boys’ restroom or the school’s one single-person restroom. The student says she was threatened with rape if she used the boys’ restroom. CBS News has the AP’s story.

In June, we reported on a transgender student in Mississippi whose school district told her she was not allowed to wear a dress under her gown at graduation. This week, the Harrison County School Board, the same school district from the previous story, adopted a dress code for the coming year, which forces transgender students to dress in accord with the sex listed on their birth certificate or permanent file. This story comes from The Advocate.

Florida law forbids the teaching of sexuality and gender theory at the K-12 level. The College Board said this week that sexuality and gender theory are essential parts of AP Psychology, and the College Board will not grant college credit to students who did not cover those topics in AP Psychology. This story comes from Them.

Anheuser-Busch released its sales totals for the second quarter of 2023. The company reported a drop of $395 million compared to the same quarter in 2022. This seems to show that the company has been hit by the boycott called by anti-transgender protesters, according to Forbes.

Domonique Morgan

The city of Omaha, Nebraska, has named a street for Domonique Morgan, a Black trans activist. This story comes from Them.

“Gender-critical” activists in Britain have called for a boycott of Costa Coffee, accusing the company of supporting “self-harm.” A mural on the side of a company van seems to show a transgender man with scars from top surgery. PinkNews has this story.

A recent poll again shows that people who know at least one trans person are less likely to support anti-transgender measures than are those who do not know any transgender people. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Trans News Now is assembled by Cecilia Barzyk with additional content and editing by Angela Gardner.

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