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We reported last week that a judge has stayed Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s emergency order banning gender-affirming care. This week, the same judge, the Honorable Ellen Ribaudo, has extended the length of time before the ban can take effect. Originally set to expire on May 15, the stay will now be in effect until July 24, and can still be expanded from that. This means that the judge believes that the plaintiffs are likely to be able to show that the Attorney General’s ban is unconstitutional. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has this story.

Banko Brown

Black trans man and activist Banko Brown was shot to death by a security guard. The guard was held by police, who later released him, saying that the evidence showed that he acted in self-defense. This story comes from Them.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed into law a ban on gender-affirming health care, despite his non-binary child urging him to veto the legislation. The Advocate has this story.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcolm signed his state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. The law forbids mentioning same-sex attraction or gender identity in the classroom, and it forces teachers to inform parents if their child asks to be called by another name or pronoun. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a ban on gender-raffirming health care for minors in his state. Before the week was over, several Oklahoma families with transgender children have filed suit to overturn the law. Doctors are also among the plaintiffs in the suit. This story comes from The Advocate.

The Florida legislature has passed a ban on gender-affirming health care for minors, a bill on pronoun use in schools, and a bathroom bill. All now go to Governor Ron DeSantis for his signature. CNN has this story.

A committee of the Louisiana state House of Representatives has voted to not approve a bill which would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories in the state’s anti-discrimination law. This story comes from The Advocate.

Republicans in Oregon do not have enough seats in the state Senate to prevent the passage of a couple of bills which would expand the rights of transgender people. However, they do have enough seats to prevent the state Senate from having a quorum. They have so far been united in their absence. The session lasts until late June. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Zooey Zephyr is suing to regain her seat in the Montana state legislature. She lost the first round in court, so the case will go to trial. This story comes from CBS News and the Associated Press.

While she is not allowed in the chamber, Representative Zephyr is working from a bench in the hallway outside the chamber. However, she was unable to sit on that bench earlier this week, as wives of some other state Representatives were occupying that bench. According to The Advocate, the picture of her standing while others occupied that bench reminded some of pictures from the civil rights era.

Things are not all bad for Rep. Zephyr. On Saturday she posted on Twitter that she and her girlfriend, Erin Reed, are going to get married. Congratulations to the two of them. Get more info on the proposal from People.

Transgender protesters and their allies were detained by Texas State Police for chanting and singing in the gallery of the state legislature while the legislators debated Senate Bill 14, a measure to ban gender-affirming health care for minors. This story comes from Them.

Fourteen protestors were arrested for occupying the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, according to a story in Them.

Two teachers in California are suing the state, saying that their religion forces them to inform parents if their child changes gender at school. They claim that the new policy is “forcing teachers to lie and participate in deception.” LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Rachel Glines, not guilty.

Last year, transgender woman Rachel Glines was charged with four counts public indecency, for using the ladies’ locker room at a YMCA in Xenia, Ohio, on four occasions. This week, she was found not guilty on all four counts. This story comes from The Dayton Daily News.

George Santos tweeted, “I’m calling for a DIVORCE of the LGB from the TQIA+”. It certainly is pretentious of him to think that he can call for such a thing, but then, it seems everything he does is pretentious. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

LGBTQ+ youth are reporting high levels of mental health problems. This shows that, despite what George Santos implies in the story above, what is happening to transgender people is affecting LGB people, especially the mental health of LGB youth. This story comes from The Advocate.

A recent paper in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care took a look at concurrent diagnoses of gender dysphoria and personality disorders. The paper is now being criticized for biases language, among other complaints. This story comes from Mad In America.

Austin Killips won the Tour of the Gila, and UCI, the governing body of cycling, is defending the policy which allowed her, a transgender woman, to compete as a female. This story comes from CNN Sports.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez will be in the cast of American Horror Story Season 12. The Advocate has this story. has a list of 12 LGBTQ movies coming out this summer. Monica is among them. So is Every Body, a documentary about intersex people.

Hannah Gadsby has a new special which premieres on Netflix this week. This story comes from The Advocate.

Paul Stanley, the Kiss vocalist and guitarist who until now has not even had a section of his Wikipedia page that mentioned controversies, shared his thoughts on transgender children on Twitter. Suffice it to say that, according to his tweet, he cannot understand how parents could allow their child to change genders. He seems to accept that adults can be transgender, but has more trouble with transgender children. Dee Snider seemed to agree, which caused San Francisco Pride to announce it would no longer use We’re Not Gonna Take It as a theme song. The Advocate. Let’s just say that the two of them misunderstand what is going on, and leave it there.

Hayley Kiyoko is the third performer to bring drag queens on stage with her in Tennessee, to protest the state’s new law restricting drag performances. According to Them police told her not to let the drag queens appear, but she brought them on stage anyway.

CNN Wire takes a look at The Rich, Queer History Of American Drag.

Alex Newell

J. Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell have become the first two non-binary or gender-nonconforming actors nominated for Tony Awards. You can see all the nominees in Them.

In Britain, some parents say that they are suing the government because the latest guidance from the Department of Education fails to protect students from “trans ideology.” This story comes from PinkNews.

Australian politician Dan Andrews complained about people trying to introduce anti-transgender laws into that country. He said, “This Americanization of our politics has no place here.” LGBTQ Nation has this story.

A new poll for Fox News shows that 57% of U.S. voters consider political attacks on transgender children a “major problem”, with another 26% calling it a “minor problem.” While these numbers may be higher than the actual thoughts of people, they indicate that this issue is not working too well with voters. PinkNews has this story.

B Hayes

B Hayes, a non-binary student in Nashville, was denied entry to their prom, because they wore a suit rather than a dress. Some local businesses organized a prom just for the Nashville Christian School student, according to PinkNews.

When they found out that trans women are welcome on the lesbian dating site HER, two cisgender men tried making accounts for themselves, claiming to be trans women, to show how bad this problem is. They did not find a lot of trans women, but did find each other, according to PinkNews.

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