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Caia Souza

After making history, the first transgender woman to capture the title of Miss Valley Isle U.S.A. pushes back against hate. Titleholder Caia Souza faced countless negative comments online after an article in the news told her story. Island News has the story about how she countered attacks from haters.

Southern California school district has to pay a $360,000 settlement to a teacher who was fired for refusing to adhere to the district’s rules on how to treat transgender students. She says the rules infringed her First Amendment rights and her Christian values. The Los Angeles Times has the story. The story is also available on Yahoo.

A U.S. appeals court in Denver is set to hear arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit brought by six members of University of Wyoming sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma who are challenging the admission of a transgender woman to their local chapter. NBC News has the story.

Almost two years after New York passed a law allowing residents to use a neutral “X” gender marker on their state-issued identification, almost 5,000 people have used it. The Advocate has the details.

Tracy Gilchrist

Trans women Tracy Gilchrist and Mey Rude, who identify as lesbian defend their right to use the “L” word in the Advocate’s Voices feature.

The majority of mass shooters are cisgender men. In several mass shooting incidents the right-wing media has gone out its mind with false claims that the shooters are transgender. What? them has an article that exposes the motives behind the false accusations about mass shooters being trans.

R. Derek Black, a former poster child for the Ku Klux Klan, has released a memoir in which they come out as transgender publicly for the first time. The memoir, The Klansman’s Son: My Journey from White Nationalism to Antiracism is out now and so is Black. In the book they identify as transgender and apologize for the harm they did as a cheerleader for white nationalists. The story is available in them.

The 2024 Eisner Award nominees for excellence in comic art and graphic novels have officially been released and there are plenty of comics by and about LGTBQ characters. You can look at the nominees in them.

Leaping from static graphics to film them tells us that the summer months are filled with scintillating LGBTQ+ cinema of all sorts. They have 10 LGBTQ movies to view.


RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Pearl has been out of the spotlight recently and she claims she had to start keeping a low profile due to the “toxicity” of many Drag Race fans. She claims she was subjected to being groped, being robbed, having people trying to pull her wig off, other physical altercations, and stalking. She said in a recent interview, “tbh i’ve realized there’s something about me that like triggers people.” And Pearl alleges that RuPaul is not as nice as she portrays herself on TV. them lets Pearl spill the tea.

In March in Philadelphia, Pa. Celena Morrison-McLean – the director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs (a trans woman) – was pullover by a State Trooper for allegedly tailgating and driving without headlights on in the rain. McLean’s husband was following her in another vehicle and pulled over too. The trooper has been fired for escalating the incident and arresting the couple for resisting arrest. The story can be found in LGBTQ Nation.

Brother Christian Matson, a Catholic diocesan hermit in Kentucky has come out as transgender. Religious News Services has the story.

David de Alba

Today (May 20, 2024) is David de Alba’s birthday. He is called The Cuban Legend because of his long career of female impersonation. Watch for a special documentary on CNN June 2 titled The History of Drag which will feature David singing at Finocchio’s in San Francisco in the 1980s. Click here for David’s birthday wish.

A new law meant to give transgender people in Peru access to medical services backfired. The law classifies transgender people, crossdressers, and others with gender identity disorders as “mentally ill” sparked protests by the transgender community. They chanted “My identity is not a disease.” See the story in MSN News.

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