The Occasional Woman Hates Spring

The Occasional Woman Hates Spring

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An ice blue outfit.

Hello Dear Readers! Welcome to my least favorite season–Spring. But Lorraine, you say–how can you hate Spring? Flowers, bunnies, and pneumonia. But, I have done some deep-diving into the fashion directions of this season, and it brings me hope. First of all, the Powers That Be always bring us some color which has been dubbed the Best Color of Each Season–and this time it is. . .wait for it. . .Ice Blue! EXCELLENT–I love almost everything and anything BLUE! Ice blue is what used to be called Powder Blue. It’s a light, serene blue with just a wee touch of sauciness thrown in.

Ice Blue leather trench coat.

Fortunately, I saw some splendid clothes in this blue. My favorite was another big trend this spring–the Trenchcoat! It is not actually worn in the trenches, but harkens back to the very stylish yet utilitarian military coats worn in the First World War. Often double-breasted, with good pockets , wide lapels and a snazzy belt, this coat is often styled as a raincoat, and can be as short as hip length, and as long as almost down to the ankles. I already own a turquoise long trench, and a short, screaming magenta one. They get a LOT of use! I often add a floaty little sheer scarf that compounds the Springy Look. The firm Botega Venetta shows one now that is ice blue–I was close to drooling on the page.

White Spring Dress.

Pencil Skirt

White dresses and blouses are also in this year, AND, white stockings are NOT, and never will be. I tend to disregard white dresses, as I WILL spill something on one very quickly. But a nice, slim white dress can be very fetching. I also discovered that roses are HUUUGE now. This makes me very happy, as I do love roses. I saw black or white dresses with a rose motif and big roses made of fabric that are truly adorable. Use these sparingly, as too big or too many cloth roses can make a girl look like her Granny’s sofa.

And congrats to all you slim-skirt aficionados. Pencil Skirts are super big this spring. And no, I don’t mean skirts with a print of pencils. The term refers to the pencil-slim shape of the skirt! And if you like them, now is the time to SPRING into action and collect some. Throw on a chic, sheer shirt (with a saucy camisole under it) and Rule the Day!

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