Steamy ‘Élite’ shower teaser & Omar Ayuso’s underwear selfie have us on edge for the season 7 premiere

Steamy ‘Élite’ shower teaser & Omar Ayuso’s underwear selfie have us on edge for the season 7 premiere

You are currently viewing Steamy ‘Élite’ shower teaser & Omar Ayuso’s underwear selfie have us on edge for the season 7 premiere
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Elite season 7 cast

The countdown is on for the arrival of the highly-anticipated new season of Élite.

And with season seven set to launch in just ten days, the blockbuster Spanish-language telenovela is pulling out all the stops to rile up the Netflix show’s rabid fanbase.

The streaming giant simultaneously heated things up & cooled them down with a new sizzling shower teaser featuring the show’s gorgeous Brazilian stars, André Lamoglia and bisexual pop goddess Anitta.

In the clip, Anitta is singing in the shower when she is startled to find Lamoglia, who plays bisexual king Ivan, standing behind her.

Immediately the music turns sinister making viewers think we’ve come across one of the show’s latest mysteries.

“What are you doing here?” Anitta, who is making her debut on the show this season, asks while covering up with a bath towel.

“What’s wrong? Don’t pretend to be surprised,” the shirtless hunk responds, before letting us know they aren’t playing their characters. “You know this is Élite.”

“Then, you’re going to kill me? Now?” Anitta says, before turning to the camera, rolling her eyes, and blurting out a censored expletive.

Although the scene is winking at what viewers have come to expect from the viral hit series, it didn’t give much away as to the upcoming season’s plot.

Up to now, Anitta’s role on the series has been kept under wraps. Many fans were confused wondering if the 30-year-old songstress was going to play a fellow student at the show’s fictional Las Encinas private high school.

While it wouldn’t be the first time a 30something portrayed a teen (hello, Andrea Zuckerman on 90210 or Rizzo in Grease) this time that is not the case.

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped another clip revealing Anitta’s kick-ass role as the school’s self-defense teacher.

Meanwhile, original cast member Omar Ayuso is also plotting his return to the series after not appearing on season six.

The out actor’s gay character of Omar Sanaa is a fan favorite and will be back to bring his brooding swagger to the show’s growing squad of gorgeous guys and gals.

In case anyone forgot what a total smoke show the 25-year-old Spanish hunk is, Ayuso dropped a new underwear selfie to refresh everyone’s memory.

With his tighty-whitey game on point, Ayuso posed in a bathroom mirror and essentially ordered everyone to zoom in further.

Ayuso, who originated the gay character in season one, exited following the death of his best friend, Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), at the end of season five. 

The official synopsis discloses how Omar has been struggling in the aftermath of Samuel’s untimely passing and returns to Las Encinas to confront his demons.

In addition to Ayuso and Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere (Isadora), Álvaro de Juana (Didac), Carmen Arrufat (Sara), Álex Pastrana (Raúl), Ana Bokesa (Rocío) and Ander Puig (Nico) are also returning for season seven. Sadly, Manu Ríos will not be back as Patríck.

Newbies joining Anitta include the hunk trilogy of Fernando Lindez, Alejandro Albarracín and Gleb Abrosimov.

You can see all the new and returning hotties when season seven of Élite launches October 20th on Netflix.


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