Spanish pro soccer player ditches his cleats to go explicit on OnlyFans & now we need a timeout

Spanish pro soccer player ditches his cleats to go explicit on OnlyFans & now we need a timeout

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Miguel Gonzalez standing shirtless in the ocean in a black speedo.

As a pro soccer goalie, Miguel Guerrero was responsible for stopping opponents from scoring. But now, he’s scoring all day long, and getting paid more than he ever earned on the pitch.

Guerrero is the latest male pro athlete to join OnlyFans, but unlike some of our favorite Olympians, this sports vet is explicit.

Early on, the 29-year-old realized there is often a correlation between pornographic content and revenue.

“If you want to show non-sexual content you are not going to get anything because on OnlyFans it is porn,” he said in an interview.

It’s hard to be blunter than that!

It’s apparent that Guerrero, who played in three Spanish promotional clubs during his career, is leaning into the thirst.

…and creativity! He’s not afraid of a putting on a show.

Lock this man up! We have a case of indecent exposure!

In all seriousness, it is refreshing to see Guerrero’s unapologetic embrace of his new career. “It has been an economic and motivational decision,” he said in a recent interview.

Guerrero got the itch to ditch his cleats for sexual stardom when he appeared on the Spanish version of the reality show The Island of Temptations. From there, he met with an influencer named Mario Hervás and decided to leverage his brand.

Guerrero started an OnlyFans and encouraged his more than 200,000 followers on Instagram to check out his page.

He knows where the money is!

“My audience is gay and I’m open to doing things they want,” he said. “You look at where you want to go. I am very open minded and depending on the agreement I can reach that person.”

Other famous athletes, such as Olympic heartthrobs Robbie Manson and Matthew Mitcham, largely treat their pages as places to celebrate self-expression.

“I joined OnlyFans. Now, before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify. My content on the platform is anything but adult entertainment,” announced Manson. “I promise no explicit content or shenanigans, just a fun and playful space where I can express myself creatively and promote body positivity, sensuality and self-acceptance.”

Three of Great Britain’s hottest divers — Matty Lee, Daniel Goodfellow and Matthew Dixon — are also on OnlyFans.

While they know their fans want more, they’re not showing that much more… yet.

“I’m using this space to share more frequent content, I always care way too much about what I post on my insta but here I know it’s a place where you wanna see more of me,” says Lee’s OnlyFans bio. “But hold up… remember I’m a Team GB diver not a [porn star]. So everything will be SFW [safe for work] and a place where I can interact with you all.”

In other words, Olympians are embracing OnlyFans as part of their brands, and that’s powerful in and of itself.

But Guerrero is jumping all-in.

“This is a business, one in which good amounts are earned,” he said. “They have proposed any number of atrocities to me.

“Anyone can propose to me whatever they want because I am open to listening to anything.”

Now, don’t worry: “Atrocities” in this case means “wild” or “outrageous.” Nobody is looking to desecrate Guerrero’s body.

Unless he wants that, of course! He’s actually just released his first sex video, shot in an immaculate hotel in Istanbul.

We’ll take some room service, please! Just allow us to watch Guerrero’s OF while we wait…


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