Sarah Huckabee Sanders just found a way to commit maybe her most disgraceful act yet

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just found a way to commit maybe her most disgraceful act yet

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders in an pink dress signing a document at her desk

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is down to pardon a turkey. But a man with severe developmental disabilities who’s spent 32 years in state prison for a crime he likely didn’t commit? Nah!

What a kind-hearted, holiday message ❤️.

Sanders, like many political leaders across the country, pardoned a turkey in the lead-up to Thanksgiving. It’s such a nothing event, there isn’t even a picture of the meaningless proceedings on her Instagram.

But there are reports out there exposing the Arkansas governor for her callousness. The politico nepo baby recently denied clemency to a man named Charlie Vaughn, who was convicted in 1991 for the 1988 murder of an elderly woman. The Arkansas Times says a different man has confessed to the murder, and a “mountain of other evidence of Vaughn’s innocence has come to light.”

Two other men arrested in connection to the murder were released when Reginald Early confessed to the slaying and insisted he had acted alone. But Vaughn, illiterate and lacking an attorney, failed to file his claim within a year of the new evidence.

As a result, the state argued he couldn’t benefit from the revelation. Last year, the Arkansas Parole Board rejected his request to be freed, too.

But Vaughn didn’t quit. With the help of an attorney, he filed a clemency petition in June. But when Vaughn’s lawyer followed up with Sanders’ office, he received a terse, three-sentence response with deflating news.

“The Governor completed her review of Mr. Vaughn’s file last week. Unfortunately, she has chosen not to grant clemency at this time,” the note read. “He will be able to reapply in 6 years, pursuant to statute.”

No reason, no nothing. Try again in six years!

Spoken like somebody who really values life, huh?

It’s been almost one year since Sanders became governor, and she’s done little besides harm marginal communities… and buy a $19,029.25 podium!

With that dismal resume in mind, Sanders recently pleaded for the Arkansas Board of Corrections to create 500 more prison beds. Earlier this year, the anti-LGBTQ+ governor signed a law that permits the state to create a new, 3,000-bed prison.

She wants to put even more people behind bars!

That’s not needed in Arkansas, which has one of the highest incarceration rates in the U.S. If Arkansas were a country, it would rank No. 11 in the world.

Sanders is so committed to the state’s culture of imprisonment, she won’t even open up a single prison bed by granting Vaughn clemency.

Unfortunately, her legislative work doesn’t include helping people. Arkansas has the fifth-highest poverty rate and second-worst food insecurity in the country. A recent survey found the state ranks 49th in the nation for quality of life and 50th in the nation for quality of health.

Over the last few weeks, 400,000 residents were kicked off Medicaid. While the federal government gave states one year to complete the post-COVID Medicaid renewal process, Arkansas compressed its timeline to six months.

Unfazed, Sanders continues to spend taxpayer money on frivolous items and activities. The state legislature is currently auditing her for the aforementioned podium purchase.

The deal is all kinds of shady. Sanders’ office bought the nearly $20,000 lectern in June, but didn’t receive the item until August. Records reveal the Arkansas GOP didn’t pay for the lectern until September, and the words “to be reimbursed” were only later added to the original invoice.

Also… it’s a pretty basic podium. We’re still trying to find out where all of that money went, exactly.

Last week, the Arkansas Times reported Sanders’ kick-off football party for the Arkansas Razorbacks cost over $13,000 in public funds.

It’s good to know her priorities are straight!

When Sanders does enact laws, she fights culture wars and champions discriminatory measures. She’s already signed her own “Don’t Say Gay” bill and appointed Jacob Oliva, the man responsible for crafting the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Florida, to lead her education department.

In addition, Sanders has signed a law barring transgender teachers and students from using school bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identities, and banned use of the gender-neutral term “Latinx” in state documents. She’s also banned little-used words such as “birth-giver” and “laboring person.”

Arkansas voters don’t seem to be on-board with her hateful agenda. Sanders’ approval rating has dipped to below 50%… in a deep red state!

She’s sitting at 48% of support. The last time an Arkansas governor had a lower approval rating was in 2003 when her dad, Mike Huckabee, was at 47%.

Like father, like daughter.

Sanders isn’t committed to helping lives. But she is committed to grifting and discriminating.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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