PHOTOS: 20 LGBTQ+ celebrities who you didn’t know once dated or were married

PHOTOS: 20 LGBTQ+ celebrities who you didn’t know once dated or were married

You are currently viewing PHOTOS: 20 LGBTQ+ celebrities who you didn’t know once dated or were married
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LGBTQ+ celebrity couples… they’re just like us, except, well, they don’t date us; they date each other. We can’t blame them–our net worth could never! 

Still, you might be surprised by some famous faces who became an item and others who exchanged wedding rings. And in that sense, they really are ordinary humans. God knows you can’t force a love that terminated its course or stay in a marriage that no longer brings you peace.

But that doesn’t mean fading the good times into oblivion. So we’re appreciating once upon a time in gay Hollywood by looking back at 20 of the most fabulous queer celebrity couples you might not know dated or were once married in the past millennium. 

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham

Actor Colton Haynes and celebrity florist Jeff Leatham fell head over jockstrap for each other and married in 2017 after a few months of dating. The honeymoon phase didn’t last much longer than their actual honeymoon because they divorced six months later, though briefly reconciling only to make their divorce official in 2019.

Gus Kenworthy and Matt Wilkas

Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy slid into actor Matt Wilkas DMs in 2015, and they rapidly became one of our favorite gay couples to keep up with, PDA and all. But they broke up in 2019 after four years together. We don’t want to cause drama (we rather save it for viewership), but it’s interesting Kenworthy kept Wilkas on his Instagram feed while the latter archived (or deleted) any content of them together.

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell

If there was ever a ‘celesbian’ couple that gave IDGAF energy, it was Kristin Stewart and Stella Maxwell. The power femme duo started dating in 2016, but the A-list actress and Victoria’s Secret supermodel confirmed seeing other people in 2018. The only shots of them together were via paparazzi; Maxwell maybe posted Stewart’s limb – hence IDGAF!

Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman

We love to see a celebrity couple rise to the top together, and singer Troye Sivan started dating model Jacob Bixenman in 2016, then ascended as the most powerful twink in pop. They even did a joint interview with Vogue in 2019, giving all the relationship goals. But their flame went out by 2020, understandably a messy year for the globe.

Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn

After what feels like a lifetime of singing, crying, and shouting Sam Smith’s love songs, we couldn’t have been happier to see a celebrity fall in love than when he went public with 13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Flynn in Dec 2017. But, after a whirlwind romance, according to an insider on Smith’s behalf, they parted ways after seven months before he released his second record, The Thrill Of It All.

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche

Daytime legend Ellen DeGeneres and actress Anne Heche paved the way for groundbreaking queer visibility dating from 1997 and 2000, a time when you could count more celebrities in rehab than famous same-sex people dating. Heche described their romance as her Cinderella fairytale, but unfortunately, the actress would later pass away in a fatal car accident in 2022. 

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry

We didn’t have a marriage between The Conners’ Sara Gilbert and 4 Non-Blondes lead singer Linda Perry in our bingo cards, but the pair started dating in 2011 and tied the knot in 2014. Unfortunately, Gilbert filed for divorce in 2019, citing irreconcilable differences. We’re hoping Perry at least asked her: What’s going on?

Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan

American Horror Story’s Zachary Quinto started dating model Miles McMillan in 2013, and they didn’t waste time moving into a $3.2 million Manhattan loft and getting two dogs, the gay fairytale. The steamy pair had a solid 6-year run before they split in 2019.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

If there was ever a Hollywood queer femme couple that didn’t get the attention they deserved, it was Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. They dated on and off from 2008-2009, but we’d be remiss not to remember Lohan was arguably the most famous face in America – and queer! Too bad her name was caught up in so many headlines snubbing this powerful moment.

Sharon Needles and Alaska

Two drag queens dating is our favorite kind of celebrity couple. The queerness of it all! But, before they respectively became household names on RuPaul’s Drag Race, they started dating in 2009 and would give us everything we wanted for four years until agreeing to change the “boy” to “best” in their relationship in 2013. 

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani

Who would’ve expected notorious goodie two-shoes Anderson Cooper would date a nightclub owner? Apparently not him, which might explain why he met Benjamin Maisani in 2009, but the pair didn’t make their red carpet debut until 2015, eventually breaking up in 2018. But they remained best friends, which is good news for their son!

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd

Million Dollar Listing‘s Josh Flagg started dating Bobby Boyd in 2016, proposing later that year. Unfortunately, the couple grew apart and finalized their divorce in March 2023. Flagg purchased a $9.2 million home in Beverly Hills and moved in with his new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer. You gotta appreciate the hustle and bustle of the gays.

Grimes and Chelsea Manning

Singer Grimes dating whistleblower Chelsea Manning was random as hell, but maybe not surprising considering she previously dated Elon Musk. Grimes and Manning went public in March 2023, but their enigmatic romance turned out to be a situationship, coming to an end that June.

Tommy Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen

13 Reasons Why‘s Tommy Dorfman met Peter Zurkuhlen in 2005, and they wed in 2016. The best love takes its time, honey. However, life also happens as it happens, and Dorfman was brave enough to come out as transgender in 2021, which understandably led to an amicable divorce in 2022.

Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena

Hollywood Zaddy Luke Evans met hunky model Jon Kortajarena in 2014, and they did the whole gay “it couple” thing damn well until breaking up in 2016, then briefly rekindling their romance in 2017. Evans, on his part, was private about his romance, but it didn’t stop the Internet from keeping tabs.

Brad Walsh and Christian Siriano

Before Project Runway‘s Christian Siriano became a fashion celebrity staple, he met Brad Walsh in 2007. He’d go on to win the reality TV competition that same year, maybe extra inspired. They married in 2016 but would be separated in 2018, making it legally official in 2021. Siriano did not wanna talk about it.

Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell

Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell made headlines in July 2015 when they were paparazzied kissing on the set of Cyrus’ music video in Los Angeles. Their romance lasted only a couple of months, which is short for a relationship but plenty for a hot summer fling.

Marc Jacobs & Harry Louis

We love a celebrity power player who uses love to break the stigma, so you know we stan(ed) designer Marc Jacob’s romance with porn star Harry Louis. The sexy duo began dating in 2011, making all the salacious headlines cuz people seem to only like porn in private. In an unexpected twist, Louis posted a shattered photo of them on Instagram in 2013 to announce their breakup in true TMZ fashion.

Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff

Nearly a year after Zachary Quinto came out, he began a gleeful (sorry) romance with Glee‘s Jonathan Groff in 2012, but the pair broke up a year later in 2013 because of busy schedules. However, we love this photo of them hanging as buds ten years later. That’s the real fairytale in heartbreak.

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage

You can call them the gay love story we didn’t know we needed; Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic met Dillon Passage on a dating app in 2017, and their relationship became unexpectedly known worldwide when Exotic launched to fame in 2020. Nothing gold can stay, and Exotic’s Instagram (while he was in jail) posted a photo of Passage with another man in a hot tub asking for a divorce in 2021. 

Love is a battlefield

These moments of love lost remind us that even our favorite LGBTQ+ celebs, who have broken barriers and inspired countless individuals, can stumble and falter in the romance department.

As they navigate the complexities of relationships, they too face the same challenges as everyone else – from miscommunication and trust issues to evolving priorities and personal growth.

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