Paul Mescal leaves the entire internet parched with his thicc thighs & 5″ inseam

Paul Mescal leaves the entire internet parched with his thicc thighs & 5″ inseam

You are currently viewing Paul Mescal leaves the entire internet parched with his thicc thighs & 5″ inseam
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Paul Mescal in a white t-shirt standing against a black background.

Paul Mescal’s thicc thighs keep causing us to lose our little gay minds!

The All of us Strangers star and all-around short shorts king was spotted this weekend with his quads OUT, sending Gay Twitter™ (always and forever) into a digital fury.

We have our winner for best costume: full on stud.

Better yet, Mescal is sporting a casual look that we can all aspire to wear next time we hit the streets. As GQ points out, the Clairo hoodie costs $70 (sold out now, sorry!) and his athletic bottoms come from an Irish company called O’Neill’s, which makes Gaelic soccer shorts.

Most styles cost just $17!

Mescal is giving off true hot bro vibes, with the wired headphones completing his “casually gorgeous” aesthetic. Let’s face it: AirPods, though ubiquitous, can scream “busy body.”

Wired headphones say…chill. Hold this man’s calls!

He’s definitely not taking them with those, right?

This is the second time in three weeks that Mescal’s luscious hams have turned us feral. Earlier this month, the Irish-born actor went pantless in a new Gucci campaign.

White socks and brown loafers have never looked so right.

…OK, and his legs aren’t bad, either!

There was discourse this summer about the end of 5-inch inseams and return of baggy shorts, making millennials very, very unhappy! At 27 years old, Mescal is right on the generational cusp, but narrowly qualifies as a millennial.

We’ll take him! Seriously, how can anybody argue those thighs need to be covered up in billowy material?

Mescal’s luscious legs entered our collective gay conscience in May 2020, and haven’t left.

Right on cue, our dream lad was spotted partying with All of us Strangers co-star Andrew Ryan last weekend at a sweaty gay bar in Madrid, where his short shorts certainly would’ve been welcomed!

Those rolled up sleeves though…😋

While all versions of Mescal are delightful, we’re partial towards his t-shirts, hoodies and athleisure. It’s trying hard without trying hard- — you know, that sort of thing. (There’s also the fact the loafers in his GQ ad are $920!)

Mescal looks like the total classic hot guy. This round of thirst is a win for the classics.


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