Orville Peck joins an app, musky masc candles & kisses from Cody Rigsby: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

Orville Peck joins an app, musky masc candles & kisses from Cody Rigsby: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

You are currently viewing Orville Peck joins an app, musky masc candles & kisses from Cody Rigsby: 10 things we’re obsessed with this week

Good things come in pairs. (And possibly in tens, but we’ll get there.)

Just look at the incredible duos we’ve seen this week: Lady Gaga joined forces with Bono to crash U2’s concert at the Las Vegas Sphere. Then, paparazzi caught resident internet boyfriends Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo hanging out. Miracles happened when Elton John extended another olive branch to Madonna via Instagram. And finally, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott partied together in a sweaty gay bar, though they must’ve forgotten my invite. Pft.

But perhaps the least surprising pair was gays and their Delta miles, because an England census found that the most popular job for members of the LGBTQ+ community is airline cabin crew.

I’m always down for a little double-trouble, especially when it comes to the news cycle. But on my social media feeds, it’s been all about spooky season, hilarious memes, and absolute serves from some of our favorite LGBTQ+ icons. Now presenting the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week to keep these good vibes going.

The weekend has arrived, so shut your laptop, pop a cold one, and grab your credit card. It’s time to get obsessed.

1. Orville Peck reading a bedtime story on the Calm app

There’s something about Orville Peck‘s deep baritone voice that gets me all hot, bothered… and relaxed. Thankfully, the country crooner just partnered with mental health app Calm to create “Tales from the CB Radio,” a soothing story designed to put you to sleep –– or at least provide company during late-night hours.

In classic Orville style, he weaves a tale about a lonely trucker driving to St. Louis, waxing poetic about family, heartbreak, and of course, country music. Honestly, I’d pay just to hear Peck tell me goodnight. Subscriptions to the Calm app start at $14.99/month, with a free 7-day trial.

2. All the Wicked 20th anniversary memes

Everyone’s mom’s favorite Broadway musical Wicked is turning 20 this year. (Feel old yet?) To honor the occasion, the original Glinda (Kristin Chenoweth) and Elphaba (Idina Menzel) stripped down to lounge in pink and green bathtubs in a gravity-defying photoshoot for Vulture.

Make no mistake, the two stage queens served. But that didn’t stop gays on social media from making comparisons to Shrek, yogurt ads, and yes, Photoshopping them onto PrEp pills. I have a feeling this drug would change us all “For Good.” But can it make this dang movie release date come any sooner?!

3. COAX Pine. Tobacco. Musk Candle

Two-panel image. On the left, a white candle in a glass jar sits unlit. The label reads : "COAX NEW YORK / TLM." On the right, the same candle sits on a gray table surrounded by cardboard boxes bearing "COAX NEW YORK."
Image Credit: COAX

This Coax candle is hand crafted, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and just smells soooo good. The New York-based company writes that the “sweet yet robust aroma of pine wood” brings out “the warm and earthy tone of tobacco, layered with a musky scent for a long lasting impression.”

I’d just say it smells like the sexiest and most luxurious holiday party ever. You know, one where they serve caviar and don’t wear ugly sweaters. After catching a whiff in the restroom at one of my fave restaurants, I snuck back in and snapped a pic of the label to snag one for myself. Freshen up your own scentses senses with the Coax Pine. Tobacco. Musk candle online for $25.

4. This 399-pound pumpkin painted like Taylor Swift

It’s me, hi! / I’m the pumpkin, it’s me. This nearly 400-pound painted pumpkin, affectionally named “Taylor SwiftKin,” is the work of Dublin, Ohio’s resident “crazy pumpkin lady” Jeanette Paras. Every time I look at this pic, I notice something different –– like the nine wigs worth of hair or ears fashioned from sweet potatoes –– and while I don’t understand why, I can’t look away. Maybe next year, I’ll be to actually snag some tickets to Taylor SwiftKin’s tour.

For the curious, Paras’ pumpkin-inspired takes on Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Trump are equally as, uh, captivating.

5. Boy Butter Original Formula

Two-panel image. On the left, a yellow tub that looks like a butter tub sits ontop of an off-white background. The label reads "Original Boy Butter, Personal Lubricant" under an illustration of a muscled arm. On the right, the same tub is turned to reveal its label also reads "Original Boy Butter. 100% Made in USA. This is an oil based product. Not for used with latex condoms."
Image Credit: Boy Butter

We all know that one gay man who hawks a glass bottle of cooking oil around the bedroom. And while it’s true that coconut oil can be better than your typical lubricant options, Boy Butter keeps it a little classier. With a coconut oil-based formula that’s just as long lasting as silicone lube, edible, and extra slick, I’ve seen the light. Plus, it comes in this hilarious (and kind-of hot) container that resembles a tub of butter. Just make sure not to mistake it for margarine.

Try out the 16-oz original formula for $29… or if you’ve got, erm, bigger plans, there’s the 25-oz Boy Butter XL for $44. You can save 11% on your order with promo code “Halloween” if you buy before October 31.

6. This TikTok of Amy Poehler dancing to Troye Sivan

@amypoehler #troyesivan #bestsong #procrastinationatwork ♬ One Of Your Girls – Troye Sivan

What are the odds that comedian Amy Poehler had EVER heard of Troye Sivan before she busted out her best mom-dance moves to “One of Your Girls” on TikTok? I’m guessing pretty low… and yet, I’m enthralled. Maybe our twink pop prince can also introduce the SNL alum to poppers, like he recently did for Reba McEntire.

7. Pals Ghost & Skeleton Socks

Two-panel image. On the right, two socks, one featuring a ghost around the toes and the other featuring a skeleton, sit over a blue background. On the right, the same socks are pictured on feet in the darkness to reveal they glow in the dark.
Image Credit: Pals Socks

Open-toed shoes and hole-filled socks can be pretty spooky. Thankfully, LGBTQ-owned business Pals Socks has the solution with a vast collection of quirky and adorable socks. Yes, these little feet-warmers are purposefully mismatched. But how often do you end up partnering a Nike sock with an Adidas one anyway? Plus, the company’s “manifeetsto” is that when we’re open-minded about something that isn’t identical to us, we’re better together. Aw!

My current fave is the seasonal Ghost & Skeleton Socks ($15) which glow-in-the dark, meaning you’ll know exactly where you’re stepping at any dark and dank dungeon parties.

8. Maggie Smith absolutely serving at 88-years-old

Dame Maggie Smith showed us there’s no age limit on fabulousness with these snaps from Loewe’s spring/summer 2024 pre-collection campaign. Let’s be real here: the Harry Potter and Downton Abbey star is serving the house down boots, even if she likely has no idea what those words mean.

Considering high-fashion is often built around unachievable standards, it’s refreshing to see a brand feature an older actress like Smith. Perhaps all you really need to look hot is a luxe fur coat (and two Academy Awards, five BAFTAs, four Emmys, and a Tony).

9. XOXO, Cody: An Opinionated Homosexual’s Guide to Self-Love, Relationships, and Tactful Pettiness

Two-panel image. On the left, Cody Rigsby wears a red blazer in front of a read background smiling with his hand on his chin for the "XOXO Cody" book cover. The image also reads "An Opinionated Homosexual's Guide to Self-Love, Relationships, and Tactful Pettiness." On the right, Cody smiles in a closeup image in front of a tan background. He wears a tan blazer and thin necklace.
Image Credit: Amazon/Instagram

I love Cody Rigsby. I may not always agree with his spicy opinions (or musical tastes), but no one makes me laugh or pedal harder on my Peloton. And not just that, I’ve seen his unabashed flamboyance inspire acceptance and love from a handful of Midwestern Peloton moms in my own life. I knew I had to snag his memoir XOXO Cody for a good laugh. But I didn’t expect intimate details, like repairing his relationship with his mother or losing his father, to be so heartwarming. Call me a member of the #BooCrew.

Snag your own hardcover copy for $22.96 on Amazon.

10. Michelle Williams’ latest Oscar-worthy role

As far as modern actresses go, Michelle Williams is one of the best. Still, her most versatile role might just be as the voice behind the audiobook for Britney Spears’ jaw-dropping new memoir The Woman in Me. Because of the book’s vulnerable revelations, Brit opted to only record the introduction, but Michelle brings authenticity (and unexpected hilarity) to the recording.

This clip, which has gone viral, finds Williams doing her best impression of Justin Timberlake trying to fit in with Black hip-hop artists, via the words of Britney. It’s kind of meta. “Oh yeah, fo’ shiz, fo’ shiz,” she reads. I cannot stop listening. Hear it for yourself with the audiobook ($20.67) on Amazon.


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