Orlando highlights attractions for LGBT+ during spring in the USA

Orlando highlights attractions for LGBT+ during spring in the USA

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Orlando (Florida, USA), recognized as the epicenter of theme parks and modern fairy tales, the city changes with the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Between March and May, the city blossoms into a spectacle of colors, flavors and sounds, hosting a variety of festivals that promise more than just fun. From Mardi Gras celebrations to international gastronomic adventures, Orlando hosts a range of events that enrich any visitor’s itinerary.


For travelers already focusing on this vibrant period, Visit Orlando has meticulously curated a selection of unique experiences that unfold in the parks and reverberate in cultural festivals, improving the destination’s experiences in the months to come.

Gastronomic festivals

Mardi Gras at Universal: International Flavors of Carnival (February 3 to April 7, 2024)

During the flower season, the grounds of the Universal parks transform into a setting for the grand Mardi Gras: International Flavors of Carnival, an event that invites visitors to a sensory journey through irresistible dishes, breathtaking parades and an agenda full of performances. Explore the gastronomy of New Orleans, the birthplace of this festival, tasting flavors that are emblematic of Carnival celebrations around the globe. In the late afternoon, the Mardi Gras party features live music shows from great international artists such as DJ Khaled, Ava Max, Luis Fonsi and more.

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Epcot ®International Flower & Garden Festival (28 February to 27 May 2024)

Here visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a universe where flavors, vibrant colors and meticulously decorated gardens are the protagonists. This springtime event at Walt Disney World stands out for its selection of delicious, fresh dishes, offered at numerous “open-air” kiosks, many taking advantage of locally grown herbs and produce. The festival is also an ode to natural beauty and creativity with tours of themed gardens and play areas punctuated by living sculptures of beloved Disney characters. This year the festival welcomes the arrival of new faces such as Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy saga; Asha, Valentino and Estrela from “Wish – The power of desires”; and Miguel and Dante from the charming narrative “Coco”. The event also offers visitors the debut of inspiring attractions, such as Journey of Water, whose muse is Moana. Cultimating this sensory celebration, the Garden Rocks concert series promises to fill the night with live performances from some of the most renowned artists, providing an unforgettable soundtrack at the America Gardens Theater, every day of the week.

Seven Seas Food Festival (selected dates between 2 fevereiro to 19 May 2024)

At this event, gastronomy adventurers are transported to a cultural and gastronomic feast where more than 200 varieties of dishes inspired by rich global culinary traditions, await. This event becomes a meeting point for lovers of good food with a menu that crosses the corners of Asia, Latin America, Europea, Polynesia, North Atlantic, India, French markets, and more, including vegetarian options. In addition to the exuberant range of dishes visitors can enjoy a selection of more than 75 craft beers, 50 exclusive gastronomic creations and an extensive list of more than 75 wines and cocktails. Enriching the experience even further, the festival hosts a vibrant series of live shows that liven up every weekend bringing renowned music names such as Hanson, The Goo Goo Dolls, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, The Righteous Brothers, Boyce Avenue and Natalie Grant to Bayside Stadium. This landscape promises not only to satisfy your appetite with its culinary delights but also to delight the senses with memorable performances, making the Seven Seas Food Festival an unmissable opportunitiesl of flavors and sounds.

Orlando Carnival Downtown (24 to 26 May 2024)

Beyond the borders of the theme parks, Orlando opens up to a rich cultural panorama with the Orlando Carnival Downtown, a celebration that for more than thirty years has brought the vibration of Caribbean nations – Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, among others – to the heart of the city. The four-vibrant-days event weaves a tapestry of music, dance and authentic flavors. The show begins at Camping Word Stadium then unfolds at Tinker Field for the rest of the festivities. Visitors have the chance to marvel at parades of colorful costumes, move to the rhythm of infectious melodies and enjoy the traditional cuisine from Central and South America, in a true celebration of the senses. Orlando Carnival Downtown is not just an event; it is a cultural immersion, an invitation to experience the joys and traditions of the Caribbean, right in the heart of Orlando.


Music and Arts Festivals

Cirque du Soleil

On the stage of the Walt Disney Theater, located in the heart of the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, an experience unfolds where fantasy and reality merge in an unprecedented spectacle: “Drawn to Life”. This work is the result of a unique collaboration between the masters of magic and dreams Cirque du Soleiland the iconic Disney, promising a night of pure wonder from May 16th with performances on selected dates throughout the year . “Drawn to Life” is a visual and sensorial celebration where the legacy of Walt Disney Animation is reinterpreted in an absolutely innovative way. Accompanied by an original soundtrack, the show is woven with breathtaking acrobatic performances, choreography that challenges the imagination and a kaleidoscope of costumes that transport audiences into Disney’s animated universe in a way never seen before. The inventiveness of Cirque du Soleil, combined with the storytelling magic of Disney, offers an unforgettable journey through the realms of classic animation, reinventing the art of storytelling and marking a historic moment in entertainment culture.

33rd Florida Film Festival (12 to 21 April 2024)

Masterfully odirected by the Enzian Theater in the enchanting Maitland, the Florida Film Festival positions itself as a prestigious showcase for cinema, boasting Oscar-qualifying status. This celebration of cinema unfolds over a ten-day gala, revealing a panorama of what is most innovative and expressive in the current cinematographic scene, covering independent and international productions. Throughout this festival, seventh art enthusiasts have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a universe of more than 160 different films and events, which promise to enrich the cultural repertoire of its participants. The program includes not only film screenings but also meetings with filmmakers and celebrities and also provides the audience with an interactive and enriching experience. Adding even more flavor to this cinematic party, the event is peppered with craft cocktails and an exquisite gastronomic selection offered by Eden Bar. This combination of art, dialogue and flavor makes the Florida Film Festival an unmissable event for lovers of film and good food, marking its place as one of the most anticipated events on Maitland’s cultural calendar.

The 33rd Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival (15 to 27 May 2024)

The Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival, know as Orlando Fringe, emerges as a two-week cultural odyssey celebrating diversity and theatrical innovation. With more than 850 presentations that cover a vast spectrum of artistic expressions from local, national and international talents, the festival unfolds under the open sky and in different corners of vibrant Orlando. The main setting for this festival of the arts is Loch Haven Park located close to the vibrant city center, while a careful selection of activities finds a stage in spaces spread across adjacent neighborhoods. A fascinating particularity of the Orlando Fringe is its artist selection process that is based on the impartiality of a draw, assuring renowned artists and newcomers without distinction to have equal opportunities to shine in the festival’s spotlight. This approach democratizes access to the stage, celebrating art in its purest and most diverse form. What´s more, the festival adopts a policy of full return of ticket income to participating artists, reaffirming its commitment to supporting and valuing the artistic community. Although the essence of the festival lies in experiences aimed at adult audiences, Orlando Fringe does not forget about young audience. The Kids Fringe series ensures quality entertainment for visitors of all ages, promoting an inclusive and family-friendly environment. And for those who for whatever reason are unable to participate in the annual festivities, the Fringe ArtSpace, located in the heart of Orlando, the place remains open year-round extending the invitation for the journey through the Fringe universe to continue, regardless of the season.

Pride Parade - @gayblogbr
Pride Parade – @gayblogbr

LGBTQIA+ Pride Celebrations

With the arrival of spring, Orlando becomes the stage for a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion, inaugurating a series of events dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community. The city, recognized globally for its hospitality and openness, rolls out a colorful carpet of Pride festivities, starting as early as April. This period highlights the inclusive essence of Orlando, consolidating it as a welcoming destination for everyone.

Among the highlighted events, the Gay Days, from May 30th to June 3rd, emerges as one of the most emblematic celebrations bringing together a myriad of activities that range from visits to world-famous theme parks to parties in clubs, culminating in shows that celebrate and honor the LGBTQIA+ community. This multicolored festival is an opportunity to experience an atmosphere of unity and joy, characteristic of one of the most anticipated holidays in the community.


Another jewel of this season is the Pride Prom, scheduled for April 12th at the Orlando Science Center. This event carefully organized by Come Out with Pride proposes an adult dance event under the theme “Be Your Brightest Self” inviting participants to immerse themselves in a bright neon universe.

For more information on festivals from Orlando during springtime, visitwww.VisitOrlando.com.

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