Omar Apollo is feeling extra angry as he stuns in new fashion spread & teases upcoming album

Omar Apollo is feeling extra angry as he stuns in new fashion spread & teases upcoming album

You are currently viewing Omar Apollo is feeling extra angry as he stuns in new fashion spread & teases upcoming album
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Singer Omar Apollo sits on a brown couch shirtless with his arms crossed. He has curly brown hair and a thin beard and mustache. He wears a silver chain around his neck with his muscular chest and arms on display.

Omar Apollo is getting un-apollo-getic on his upcoming album. (Sorry, that was VMAN‘s pun –– not ours!)

The 26-year-old alt-pop singer –– and Queerties Best Anthem nominee –– graces the cover of VMAN‘s Spring/Summer 2024 issue.

And while he’s a bit more clothed than we’re used to, Apollo looks exceptionally handsome in head-to-toe Loewe, which he serves as an ambassador for, and his own jewelry.

We are looking –– respectfully! 🔥🔥🔥

Thankfully, the resident gay it-boy –– who’s showed off nudes on vinyls and shared an array of IG thirst traps –– appreciates the eyeballs.

Most of the time.

“I love attention,” he admits to the magazine.

“It doesn’t bother me. I mean, maybe one time, I was in the street walking around New York and I was really sad. And I was getting noticed every two seconds and I was like, man, I should have put a hood on or something. But I was just sad. Other than that, it’s never a problem.”

To be fair, the Live for Me singer is known for his sad-boi bops. But it seems he’s exploring some darker emotions on his forthcoming sophomore record. (Release date TBD.)

“I’m more angry on this album,” he reveals. “I guess that’s what I could say [about it]. A lot of the songs are leaning toward anger.”


Though Apollo is quick to admit that “it’s not that deep.” He’s “just pissed off.”

(Relatable king!)

“One thing that I’ve done is gotten better at speaking about how I feel in the present moment,” he explains.

“I used to go back years and years for songs I was writing [like ‘Evergreen,’ which] happened to me two years before I wrote it.”

That being said, Apollo feels the pressure of having a much higher profile than he did two years ago.

In fact, a casual hang with Pedro Pascal last October was enough to send Gay Twitter™ into a full-on panic.

Still, it has the Mexican-American songwriter only more focused on following his instincts.

“I make music that moves me and I hope it moves other people,” he says. “I do care about the people and seeing their faces react to the music and words, but the pressure is always the one I put on myself.”

Nevertheless, he’s not above a little envy when it comes to his friends’ playlists.

“[My friends will] tell me they’re into some type of music, and I get kind of jealous,” he admits.

“So I’m like, ‘Fine, I’ll go to the studio and make a song like that today.’ I don’t put it out. I just send it to them, like, ‘This is for you, so you could bump it in the car instead of listening to that other person.’”

Can we use this opportunity to request a song about crushing hard on an up-and-coming Grammy nominee, or…?

And good news for Apollo fans –– he is more than ready to get back on the road with his new release.

“I feel like a way better human being on tour,” he says. “I’m actually functioning and whole. This next tour, I’m definitely going to get into video games.”

(Be still, our gaymer hearts!)

In addition to dropping music, Apollo’s plans for the rest of the year are simple.

“I would hope that in 2024, I can respect myself a bit more,” he says.

“I also want to hold my niece and nephews more. (…) I want to make more bread so I can buy a house in Indiana and they can all run around. I have those types of goals.”

Awww! Preparing to handover our money for more condom-themed merch already.


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