Nancy Pelosi enjoys a raucous night out with the gays while the Republican caucus burns

Nancy Pelosi enjoys a raucous night out with the gays while the Republican caucus burns

You are currently viewing Nancy Pelosi enjoys a raucous night out with the gays while the Republican caucus burns
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Nancy Pelosi

While House Speaker Kevin McCarthy battles the most extreme members of his party intent on shutting down the government, Nancy Pelosi is out partying with the gays.

The first female speaker in U.S. history was spotted Tuesday night at Little Gay Pub in D.C., a legendary spot located in Logan Circle, the capital’s top gayborhood.

Fittingly, she was spotted by a fellow politico: Josh Sorbe, press secretary for the Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Dick Durbin.

Dressed in one of her signature elegant outfits, Pelosi seemed excited about being in a lively and fun watering hole.

Anything must beat Congress these days. Give our legislative queen a hand!

By the way, it’s not all that surprising to see Pelosi at a gay bar. Hailing from San Francisco, the iconic legislator has been a longstanding LGBTQ+ ally. During her first year in Washington, she joined in the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

That was in 1987.

The following decade, Pelosi bucked President Bill Clinton and voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. She resided over the appeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in her first term as Speaker, and is a champion of LGBTQ+ rights today.

While there’s nothing funny about the pending government shutdown, and the harsh impact it will have on millions of Americans, there is something poetic about Pelosi enjoying a night out while the Republican caucus burns.

McCarthy is trying and failing to corral the GOP’s hard-right faction into voting for any spending bill.

And Pelosi saw this chaos coming.

Early this year, she responded dimly when asked about his chances of being elected speaker (he finally won after a historic 15 votes and many embarrassing concessions).

“Why would I make a judgment about something that may or may not ever happen?” she said. “No, I don’t think he has it. But that’s up to his own people to make a decision as to how they want to be led or otherwise.”

It’s apparent Pelosi holds little respect for her successor and fellow Californian. In the past, she’s blasted him as a “moron,” and said he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

When McCarthy held up the passage of a major domestic policy bill with a nonsensical eight-and-a-half hour monologue, Pelosi’s office ridiculed him.

“As he hopefully approaches the end, we’re all left wondering: Does Kevin McCarthy know where he is right now?” said the press release.

Now that’s one serious clap back.

As Speaker, Pelosi always knew where she was, and how many votes she had. During her last term, she masterfully outplayed Donald Trump during a shutdown, refusing to budge on his demand for border wall funding.

She wound up winning the battle. The bill Trump signed didn’t include a penny for his draconian border wall fantasy.

Maybe Pelosi will give McCarthy some tips on negotiating, if he asks nicely?

Nah, probably not! Cheers to our sister from San Francisco! 🥂


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