MTF Passing Tips for Crossdressers and Trans Woman: 6 Summer Style Mistakes to Avoid

MTF Passing Tips for Crossdressers and Trans Woman: 6 Summer Style Mistakes to Avoid

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MTF Passing Tips for Crossdressers and Trans Woman: 6 Summer Style Mistakes to Avoid

Summer has arrived, and it’s time to show some skin!

But for crossdressers and transgender women seeking MTF passing tips, summer presents unique opportunities and challenges.

So, what’s the secret to maintaining a stylish and feminine look as the temperature rises?

In this blog post, I’ll highlight 6 summer style mistakes to avoid on your male to female journey.

Mistake #1 – Shorts That Are Too Short

very short orange shorts

Many crossdressers and transgender women have beautiful legs, and it’s great to show them off! However, the mistake here is wearing shorts that are excessively short or too tight. 

They tend to ride up uncomfortably when you walk, revealing more than intended. Opt for shorts with a more decent length to keep your look classy.

Mistake #2 – Heavy Makeup

heavy dark eye makeup

Heavy makeup may feel out of place in the summer and can become runny and cakey when you sweat. Ditch the heavy foundation, thick eye makeup, and vampy lipstick. 

Instead, go for a lighter makeup look to appear fresh and feminine.

Mistake #3 – Self-Tanner Blunders

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

While we all know sunbathing isn’t great for our skin, applying self-tanner incorrectly is a major no-no. Nothing’s worse than an orange or streaky tan. 

Check product reviews and learn proper application techniques to avoid these self-tanner faux pas. This video has some great tips.

Mistake #4 – Casual Flip Flops

colorful flipflop

Summer and flip flops go hand in hand, but the wrong sandals can spoil your whole outfit. 

While casual flip flops are perfect for the beach or poolside, they can look too informal for other occasions. Opt for stylish and structured summer sandals to elevate your look.

Mistake #5 – Visible Bra Straps

bra strap

Strappy summer styles can pose a bra challenge. Visible bra straps can make your outfit look less polished. Here are some solutions:

  • Use a bra strap clip to help keep bra straps under control.
  • Wear a strapless bra to avoid bra straps altogether.

Mistake #6 – Sloppy Style

denim shorts

Summer styles are often more casual, but there’s a fine line between casual and sloppy. Avoid the ragged cut-offs, dirty flip flops, and worn-out tank tops. 

Instead, stand out with classy shorts, pretty dresses, and casually polished pieces.

Now, show off your summer style!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Can you think of any other summer style mistakes to add to this list?

With these “don’ts” covered, it’s time to savor your stunning summer style! Share your favorite summer outfits in the comments below!


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