Jonathan Bennett & his hunky husband celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ Day by twinning in mile high fashion

Jonathan Bennett & his hunky husband celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ Day by twinning in mile high fashion

You are currently viewing Jonathan Bennett & his hunky husband celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ Day by twinning in mile high fashion
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Three panel image. On the left, Jonathan Bennett pouts while holding a stuffed puppy wearing a pink bandana. In the middle, he smirks while wearing a pink varsity jacket. On the far right, he giggles while wearing a pink shaggy wig, pink sunglasses and a wedding ring.

On October 3, he asked me what day it is.

In case you haven’t logged on Twitter X today yet (or you live in blissful ignorance), it’s Mean Girls Day!

The annual viral celebration was born out of a moment in the 2004 teen comedy when hottie Aaron Samuels asks new girl Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what day it is. Spoiler alert: it was October 3.

It’s safe to say the internet has leaned in hard. This year, Paramount uploaded the entire film to TikTok in 23 parts and the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical unveiled its key art.

Still, no one celebrates the day as hard as Aaron Samuels himself: our favorite gay hottie Jonathan Bennett.

In honor of the epic anniversary, the 42-year-old actor partnered with Tinder for a “fetch” campaign around dating safety for World Romance Scam Prevention Day.

“To all the scammers out there, shut up losers,” Bennett, clad in a pink varsity jacket, says in the clip. His social media game is truly on point.

That being said, he isn’t above poking fun at the movie’s cult status. In an Instagram Story post, Bennett wrote, “Raise your hand if it’s a wierd [sp] day to be you. (Thanks for the love.)”

The Halloween Wars host is currently en route to Cape Town, South Africa alongside his hunky hubby Jaymes Vaughan for an upcoming excursion with their gay travel business OUTbound. The couple, who tied the knot in March 2022, help curate international cruises geared towards LGBTQ+ inclusivity and safety.

They’re also adorable on social media.

Two panel image from Instagram Stories. On the left, Jonathan Bennett sits on a plane in dim lighting and raises his hand while smiling. He wears a black sweatshirt. He writes in text, "Raise your hand if it's a wierd day to be you. (Thanks for the love.)" On the right, he poses on the same plane and grimaces as his husband's hand leans in and wipes down his airplane seat. "My husband is a germ-a-phobe," he writes on the image in text.

In another Instagram Story post, Bennett shared a hilarious video of Vaughan (who recently appeared on Real Friends of WeHo) going to town with a sanitizing wipe on the plane. “My husband is a germ-a-phobe,” he wrote, as Vaughan made their seats spick and span. We can’t blame him. Two words: diarrhea plane.

The happy couple certainly are in sync; they even accidentally “twinned” on the way to the airport.

Jonathan and Jaymes are giving the LGBTQ+ community some much needed positive representation, but Bennett isn’t the only Mean Girls hottie to join the fam.

Daniel Franzese came out after portraying the school’s resident GBF Damian in the movie. And Rajiv Surendra (a.k.a Mathlete captain Kevin G) grew up to be a whole snacc.

How’s that for too gay to function?!

In honor of Mean Girls Day, check out some of our favorite pics of Jonathan Bennett below.


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