How to Feminize Your Body: Top 7 Belly-Flattening Fashion Tricks (MTF)

How to Feminize Your Body: Top 7 Belly-Flattening Fashion Tricks (MTF)

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How to Feminize Your Body: Top 7 Belly-Flattening Fashion Tricks (MTF)

Having an attractive waist-to-hip ratio is a key aspect of feminine beauty.

But what if your belly is your problem area? Don’t worry, all hope is not lost! There are some simple fashion tricks you can use to instantly trim your tummy and slim your waistline.

Not only will these tricks make you appear thinner, but they will also help you achieve a more feminine and hourglass figure.

So, let’s dive into my top 7 belly-flattening fashion tips for crossdressers and MTF transgender women. Keep reading to find out more!

Trick #1: Wear a Shaping Camisole

woman in beige camisole

Corsets and girdles will certainly pull you in, but they’re not very comfortable for daily wear.

Instead, wear a shaping camisole under your clothes. It’s a wonderful alternative for trimming inches from your waist and belly – while still allowing you to breathe.

Trick #2: Try a Tummy-Minimizing Peplum

woman in black peplum top

Peplums are a fantastic clothing style for crossdressers and MTF transgender women, as they are both feminine and flattering.

A peplum is a short overskirt attached at the waistline of a top, dress, or jacket that’s perfect for covering a full belly. And thanks to the fit-and-flare styling, a peplum will also give you that sexy hourglass shape.

Trick #3: Avoid Bottoms That Sit Too Far Above or Below Your Waistline

woman in black pants

If you’re dealing with a larger belly, it’s important to consider the placement of your skirt or pants’ waistband. Ideally, the waistband should sit just below your belly button.

If the waistband is too high, it can create the appearance of your stomach bulging out from below. On the other hand, if the waistband is too low, it can lead to that undesirable “muffin top” look.

Trick #4: Wear a Light Colored Jacket Over a Dark Top

woman in brown jacket

To minimize the appearance of a larger tummy, consider wearing a light-colored jacket over a dark top. The jacket acts as a cover-up, while the dark color underneath helps your belly blend into the background.

For optimal results, opt for a jacket that has some structure to it. Princess seams, in particular, are a feminine and flattering feature to look for.

Trick #5: Downplay Belly Rolls With a Ruched Top

woman in green long sleeves

Ruching, which refers to fabric that is gathered along the seam line, is an excellent choice for hiding a larger belly.

Unlike flat fabrics that tend to highlight every bulge, ruching helps conceal what’s underneath – including those unwanted belly rolls.

 Trick #6: Just Say “NO” to Tight Clothes

woman with bulging tummy

If your belly is your trouble spot, it’s important to steer clear of wearing overly tight clothing.

Clothes that are too tight (including bras and panties) will dig in and create unsightly bulges – calling even more attention to the area.

Trick #7: Avoid Oversized Clothes

Just as you should avoid clothes that are too tight, neither do you want to wear clothes that are too loose. 

Trying to hide a big belly under an oversized top just makes you look bigger. The key is to opt for clothing that gracefully skims your midsection instead of drowning it.

No more trouble spots

Looking your best as a crossdresser or trans woman is all about downplaying trouble spots while playing up your assets.

Use these tricks to solve your “belly troubles” and then move on! It’s impossible for people to notice your flaws if they’re too busy looking at something else – like your sexy legs, breasts, or behind.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! What are your best feminine features – and how do you like to show them off?

Please share in the comments below!


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