Gay Israeli singer Ayal Mazaki is mesmerizing fans with his gorgeous voice and six-pack

Gay Israeli singer Ayal Mazaki is mesmerizing fans with his gorgeous voice and six-pack

You are currently viewing Gay Israeli singer Ayal Mazaki is mesmerizing fans with his gorgeous voice and six-pack
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Ayal Mazaki

Ayal Mazaki isn’t just speaking his truth, he’s singing it too!

While the out and proud gay Israeli singer just released his debut single “Busy Hiding,” he’s been keeping busy by not hiding his fit physique on Instagram.

Prior to the launch of his professional music career, the 22-year-old has built a loyal fanbase who can’t help but respectfully gaze at his tantalizing content.

But Mazaki’s story runs deeper than his gorgeous thirst traps and artistic OnlyFans page.

Raised in a religious community in Israel, he struggled deeply with coming to terms with who he was from a young age.

“In grades seven to eight, you start meeting boys and doing foolish things,” Mazaki told the Israeli publication Haaretz. “It happened with a religious boy from our village; someone my age. Afterward, he warned me not to tell anyone. This was a period when I made attempts to end it all. I was in such a dark place; today I can’t believe I was in such a space.”

Around 18, he found the strength to reveal his truth to his parents. While it went better than he hoped, he asked them to put him in therapy.

Unfortunately, he wound up in a type of conversion therapy run by a “religious” man with questionable tactics. One of his sinister methods of getting him to become straight consisted of pressuring Mazaki to pick a random woman to sleep with so he could discuss it at their next session.

“That was a red flag for me,” Mazaki told the outlet. “I came outside and told my father. He was shocked too, really upset. We realized I had to stop [conversion therapy].”

From that moment on, he was able to fully accept who he was and began bringing boys home to meet his family.

While his parents say they fully accept him, they both still vote for homophobic politicians. Mazaki says their contradictory behavior feels like “an arrow through the heart.” That’s something many queer Americans can relate to with the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ policies running rampant in the GOP as of late.

Despite his past hardships, Mazaki wants to use his voice to inspire others in his homeland and around the world.

“I knew that the day I came out, I would speak up. I don’t want to sound like this poor soul and I’m not trying to speak on behalf of all gay people,” he added.

“Instead, I want to talk about what I’ve experienced and to inspire parents to accept their children, to give those in the closet some courage. I don’t want to imagine another child at the age I was wasting 10 years of his life.”

Mazaki has channeled his suffering and triumphs into his music. With his brand new song, he uses his coming out as a way to heal, while simultaneously delivering an introspective gay anthem.

“Tell me, did you ever love without feeling guilty / Feeling you’re confused and screwed / We need a doctor here,” Mazaki sings in Hebrew. “I’ve cleared out the entire closet.”

The chorus drives home his newfound freedom: “For years I’ve been an impostor / Busy hiding / That same writing on the wall / today becomes a song.”

While currently in a happy relationship with a medical student, Mazaki says his next song will deal with heartache from breaking up with another man and doesn’t plan on changing pronouns to make hetero audiences more comfortable. Amen, sis!

With his music career on the rise, check out the video for “Busy Hiding” and then peep more sizzling shots from Ayal Mazaki’s Instagram below:


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