Gay guy’s encounter with woman in grocery store parking lot goes viral for the most surprising reason

Gay guy’s encounter with woman in grocery store parking lot goes viral for the most surprising reason

You are currently viewing Gay guy’s encounter with woman in grocery store parking lot goes viral for the most surprising reason
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the kindness of strangers

Portland parking lot man and woman
(Photos: @tifaniemayberry/@wowrealneat/TokTok)

A video stitch has gone viral on TikTok.

Back in November, a queer photographer based in Portland, Oregon, named David Frazier posted a clip talking about how he had been touched by an encounter with a stranger in the grocery store parking lot.

Frazier posted the video in hopes of making contact with the woman he spoke to.

@wowrealneat Dear New Seasons Parking Lot Girl, you’re so cool and ily ❤️ #fyp #portland #parkinglot #xoxo ♬ One More Light – Linkin Park

Frazier said the woman, who was a stranger to him, “absolutely made my evening.”

He said he parked next to her in her Tesla. She was eating, hanging around and just “vibing.” He caught her eye and smiled politely, then went in to do his shopping. When he came out, she was still there. He got in his car and she rolled down her window and yelled at him, “Hey, are you single?”

Frazier, somewhat shocked, replied, “Sadly, yes I am. Um, also very gay though.”

The woman said she should have known and pointed out how handsome he was.

Frazier was flattered by the unexpected interaction. They both laughed about it and then went on their respective ways.

“It takes guts”

Afterward, Frazier said he thought about it some more and felt moved to make the video as he was unsure his initial response didn’t fully express how grateful and touched he felt. He praised the woman for being so forward.

“It takes f*cking guts to roll up on someone and just be like ‘Hey, I think you’re attractive, are you single?’ I don’t have that in me.”

He also said she’d had an unexpected impact on him.

“It’s been a rough year and that uplifted me, uh, I’ve not experienced that dating men. You uplifted me in a way that I didn’t know I needed and it made me feel amazing.”

He ended by saying thank you and that he’d love to grab a friendly coffee sometime if she ever saw the video.

Well, six weeks later, that’s what happened.

Woman responds

Frazier’s video went viral, and eventually, someone pointed it in the direction of the woman involved. She took to TikTok to post her reaction. It’s gone super viral in the last few days, racking up over 10 million views.

@tifaniemayberry #duet with @David #fyp ♬ One More Light – Linkin Park

Tifanie Mayberry posted the video and said in the caption, “WOW!! Never expected for this to come back around like this. OMG. The internet is internetting and I LOVE it!!”

One well-liked comment stated, “If you don’t get coffee with him…I’m done.”

Another said, “He just became your best wingman!! 👏”

In a subsequent video, Mayberry expressed amazement at the viral reaction to the video. She explained she is 35, single and keen to start a family. Hence her forward approach with men who grab her eye.

“That’s just kind of where I’m at in life.”

@tifaniemayberry Well its been a very funny ending to 2023, and I have to say it ended things on such a great note for me 🥹❤️✨ Thanks TikTok!! @David ♬ Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez

In a video posted on New Year’s Eve, Mayberry revealed: “David found me!” She said he had reached out to her and said “Hi”. No word yet on whether they’ve arranged that coffee friends date though.

Queerty has reached out to Frazier for comment. 


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