Ex-husbands go viral with photos celebrating their divorce

Ex-husbands go viral with photos celebrating their divorce

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Pelayo Diaz Zapico and Andy McDougall
(Photo: @pelayodiaz/Instagram)

A high-profile gay couple in Spain has gone viral with photos to celebrate their divorce. Pelayo Diaz Zapico is a model, actor and influencer with one million Instagram followers. He’s a well-known face at global fashion week shows.

His husband, Andy McDougall, is a fellow influencer who runs his own PR firm.

The two men got married in September 2018. However, postings yesterday from both men announced they were divorced. Fortunately, it all looks amicable. To mark the occasion, they ordered a ‘Just Divorced’ cake and had a small party with friends.

“Very sad to become strangers”

On his Instagram, Diaz posted several photos and said, “Celebrating with friends this morning @andymcdougalland I have officially signed the divorce!

“Two years ago, when we talked and came to the conclusion that love was over, I remember we went to bed in tears.

“We were very sad to become strangers and forget so many adventures, trips and crazy things together. So we looked into each other’s eyes and we both made a promise: Take care of each other and respect each other, and let #Pelandy not end there.”

‘Pelandy’ is an amalgamation of their names, like Brangelina (the moniker for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie).

“And today, two years later, we have shown that another type of rupture is possible and I am so proud of us,” Diaz continued. “Of keeping alive that energy that united us and that inspired so many people in their day… It is true that it is a daily job and that neither of us takes the good relationship we have for granted, but I think it is very positive to show that relationships can also end in another way, through love.

“I love continuing to share things with you, Andy. That we call each other at any time, that my phone is full of memes and things that still make us laugh, that we improvise by going for a coffee, taking photos, going to dinner at each other’s house or continuing to go out together to the park with @vidumcdougall.” [their dog]

“Being able to talk about nonsense but also about things that worry us and knowing that we are there. All of this may seem like small things but they mean a lot to me and publicly I wanted to say to you: Thank you 🥹”

“I’ll be right by your side to support you”

McDougall, on his Instagram, wrote, “I have to confess that I was scared to make the decision to go sign for divorce. That’s why I waited for it to come out of you… It’s like I didn’t want to face this moment, I knew it was going to remove such happy memories of the past, I wanted to avoid it.

“It’s been two years that we are no longer together as a couple but our family relationship is still intact,” McDougall continued.

“You were, are and will be one of the most important people in my life.

“I will be by your side to continue watching you fulfill your dreams, to be a witness at your next wedding and when you form that family you so desire. But most of all I’ll be right by your side to support you in the times you need me the most.

A divorce cake

“Yes, ours may not have worked out but I would never feel it as a failure, because it was full of beautiful moments that led me to decide to marry you.

“I wish everyone lived a love story like ours, where traveling more than 12hrs to see each other was all we needed to be happy.

“Just know that it’s an honor for me to be Pelayo’s ex-husband. Our love transformed and will be infinite ♾️ we are family forever 👉👈 I love you so much @pelayodiaz.”

Diaz’s post has had over 50,000 likes and prompted hundreds of comments. Many of his followers said the men demonstrated that breakups can be amicable and that it’s possible to go from being husbands to friends.

Here are some photos of them from when they were still very much together.


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