Donald Trump’s latest grift prompts ridicule and derision

Donald Trump’s latest grift prompts ridicule and derision

You are currently viewing Donald Trump’s latest grift prompts ridicule and derision
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As he contemplates painful punishment in his Manhattan civil case, not to mention his other indictments, former President Donald Trump is becoming increasingly desperate in his efforts to raise money.

Yesterday, he announced via Truth Social that he’s selling another collection of his crappy digital Trump Trading Cards. These include fantasy images of Trump in heroic poses and hyper-masculine costumes. However, on this occasion, there’s more.

If someone buys the entire set of 47 digital cards (costing $99 each – a total of $4,862.38 with fees), they will receive a small piece of the suit Trump wore when he posed for a mugshot earlier this year in Georgia. This will be mounted on its own card, bearing a reproduction of the mugshot.

Trump’s website says 2,024 pieces of Trump’s mugshot suit are available, so buyers can expect an extremely small patch of cloth.


According to the Trump team, they consulted with sports memorabilia experts MEARS. It dubbed the samples of the suit, “The most historically significant artifact in United States history.”


When Trump previously sold his digital cards, he offered buyers of the whole set the opportunity to join him for dinner at Mar-a-Lago. In a video for his latest set, he again said he will host a dinner. Purchasers of the whole set would enter a sweepstake for the chance to attend.

Trump’s latest grift was met with wide derision online.

His niece, Mary Trump, called the suit stunt “pathetic.”

“I know Donald. He has no shame and is equally comfortable putting his name on buildings, steaks, and fake universities. But this is a new low even for him – and it reeks of desperation.”

She was also unimpressed by the offer of joining Trump for dinner.

“Donald will sell access to anybody if they chip in a few bucks if it will help him pay the people whose job it is to keep him out of an orange jumpsuit.”

Others questioned whether the cloth samples would really come from the mugshot suit.

Others indicated they would pass on this unique offer.


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