Are gay men too quick to jump into bed together? This short film aims to tackle the age-old question

Are gay men too quick to jump into bed together? This short film aims to tackle the age-old question

You are currently viewing Are gay men too quick to jump into bed together? This short film aims to tackle the age-old question
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Art Bezrukavenko and Stanchris in Secon Thought
Art Bezrukavenko and Stanchris in Secon Thought (YouTube)

Content creators StanChris (aka Chris Stanley) and Art Bezrukavenko have collaborated before on short TikTok videos. However, this week they dropped their first short film together. But Second Thought marks a content shift for both men.

Set in Provincetown, the six-minute short depicts a scenario relatable to many of us. A man (StanChris) hits a holiday destination, opens up Grindr, and quickly agrees to meet someone (Bezrukavenko). They meet at a bar and then return to StanChris’ hotel room for some fun. 

Bezrukavenko stays over the night but wakes early the next day. He quietly gets up, dresses, and slips out. He then blocks StanChris on Grindr. 


When Standchris wakes and realizes what happened, he’s understandably upset. 

Then, in a Sliding Doors-inspired moment of fantasy, he rewinds the situation and wonders what would have happened if, instead of jumping straight into bed, they’d taken more time to get to know each other first.

Watch the movie to see how the second scenario plays out.

“Extraordinary, heartbreaking”

Since it appeared over the weekend, the video has enjoyed over 80,000 views.

“This film is extraordinary, heartbreaking and has an important message: dating apps are nice, but meeting someone in real life shows what the other person is like and whether there is chemistry between them. And the ending moved me to tears,” said one person. 

“The second part is what I’ve dreamed of,” said an older viewer. “I’m 60 and still hoping, but reality keeps trying to tell me to forget it.”

“Brilliant… this is a masterpiece,” gushed another fan. “The message is, if you take the time to really know the other person, it can change your entire life.”

As the movie has no dialogue, it seems to be picking up a global viewership. 

“The film doesn’t judge”

Talking to Queerty, StanChris revealed more about the motivation behind the film and whether he feel it’s better not to jump straight into bed if you’re looking for romance.

“The film explores the nuances of modern gay dating and highlights the diverse experiences within our community,” he replied.

“While some may view it as critical of hook-up culture, it’s more about encouraging deeper connections and understanding that romance can be more fulfilling when it’s not rushed.”

Of course, some guys prefer to have sex first. If the sex is good, then they’ll consider dating.

So, what does StanChris think about that approach?

“Everyone has their own approach to dating and relationships,” he says. “The film doesn’t judge; it merely presents different perspectives.”

“For some, physical connection is a precursor to emotional intimacy, and that’s perfectly valid. The key is finding what works best for each person.”

StanChris says the film came about quickly. And it’s definitely something he wants to explore more in the future. 

“Believe it or not we made this entire short in just two weeks right before Pride Month. It was a very last-minute project. Everything from the idea to writing, fundraising, shooting and editing. We really loved the response from our community so far and the experience we got making it. We definitely plan to make more short films in the future!”

Older boyfriend

StanChris has steadily been building a huge following on TikTok and Instagram with his comic and lighthearted videos.

He made headlines last year when he opened up about his 27-year-age-gap relationship with his boyfriend, former Survivor contestant Bret Labelle. StanChris is open about his love for daddies in real life.

StanChris and Bret LaBelle
StanChris and Bret LaBelle (Photo: Supplied)

The two men are still happily together and eagle-eyed viewers may have briefly spotted Labelle in Second Thought

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