Amstel promotes cultural immersion with surprise show on the banks of the Pinheiros River in São Paulo.

Amstel promotes cultural immersion with surprise show on the banks of the Pinheiros River in São Paulo.

You are currently viewing Amstel promotes cultural immersion with surprise show on the banks of the Pinheiros River in São Paulo.
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Amstel, known for its campaigns and partnerships aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community, presents “Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam,” an event that aims to bring a piece of Dutch culture to the capital city of São Paulo. There will be two weekends of celebration, on April 27th and 28th and on May 4th and 5th, featuring musical attractions, beer, typical food, as well as a ferry ride along the Pinheiros River. Admission is free and requires obtaining ticket on the website in advance.

Amstel promotes cultural immersion with surprise show in São Paulo - Reproduction
Amstel promotes cultural immersion with surprise show in São Paulo – Reproduction

Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam” is a tribute to King’s Day,” which celebrates the king of the Netherlands, the home country of Amstel. It also marks the arrival of spring, highlighting the color orange — a symbol of the country — that dominates the venue on this date, including the decorations.

According to a text from the Advertising and Beer portalThe Marketing Director of Mainstream and Economy in Brazil, Cecília Alexandre, spoke about the brand’s relevance in the Brazilian market and how this makes São Paulo an interesting place to host the event. “We’ll show consumers everything that is common between the two cultures and, of course, highlight the aspects that differentiate Amstel from other brands in the market: its origin, its ingredients, and its authenticity“, said Cecília.

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According to information from Exame magazine, the event venue features a Central Village adorned with tulips and flowers from Holambra, as well as other decorations inspired by the architecture of Amsterdam. Dressing rooms are available for visitors to try on typical Dutch costumes and accessories.

Photo: reproduction/Amstel

For Guilherme Bailão, Brand Experience and Sponsorship Director of the Heineken Group in Brazil, the event promotes a blend of symbols from Amsterdam and São Paulo. “In a playful way, with scenographic and artistic interventions, we’ll surprise and entertain the public with great intensity. Among other attractions, the public will have a unique opportunity to sail along the Pinheiros River on ‘Party Boats,’ just like in the canals of Amsterdam“, he stated to the Advertising and Beer portal.

The chosen location was not by chance. According to Exame, the Heineken Group selected the Pinheiros River, a significant waterway in São Paulo, to highlight the need for public awareness regarding the river’s longstanding pollution issues.

Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam
Photo: reproduction/Amstel

Experiences and attractions of “Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam”

The event “Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam” will offer a variety of experiences to participants. Among them, as mentioned earlier, the ferry ride along the Pinheiros River stands out. It starts from the Jaguaré Bridge and goes to the Cidade Universitária Bridge, featuring DJs along the way, as well as the Amstel Bar stocked with beer.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a selection of typical dishes at the Martina Holandesa buffet, as well as visit a Coffee Shop inspired by establishments in the Dutch capital.

Line-up - Promotion
Line-up – Promotion

Check out the list of musical attractions scheduled for the four days of the event:

April 27th – Saturday | King’s Day
Label: Doce Maravilha
Stage DJs

  • Marcelinho da Lua
  • Tamenpi
  • Mango Lab DJ Set


Ferry DJs

  • Paraíso Perdido
  • Amadopeace
  • Glau

Sunday | Pride
Label: Castro Festival (Pride Day)
DJs Stage

  • Luísa Viscardi
  • Lily Scott
  • Fernanda Fox


Ferry DJs

  • From House To Disco
  • Etcetera
  • Renan Martelozzo

Saturday | Clubbers
Label: WME

Stage DJs

  • Dany Bany
  • Nega Nervous
  • Nana Torres


  • Aline Rocha B2B
  • Camila Jun

Ferry DJs

  • Nana Kohat
  • Marina Dias
  • Alírio

May 5th – Sunday | Spring
Label: Heavy Love Block

Stage DJs

  • Mex
  • Rodrigo Bento
  • Julia Weck


  • Heavy Love Bloco convida
  • BNegão (canta Tim Maia) e Karol Conká

Ferry DJs

  • Yan Okretic
  • Giu Viscardi
  • Tata Ogan
  • Bernardo Pinheiro


Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam” is scheduled to take place from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and admission is free for all days of the event. For those who intended to attend on April 27th and 28th, tickets are already sold out. For May 4th and 5th, tickets will be available for pick-up from 6:00 p.m. on April 29th, via Sympla. For more information, please check the official Amstel Brasil website or Instagram.


Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam
Dates: April 27th, 28th, May 4th, and 5th.
Time: from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Location: Pinheiros River Cycle Path – Jaguaré Bridge, São Paulo – SP
Tickets: on this link

Amstel Spirit of Amsterdam
Photo: reproduction/Amstel

Amstel Projects aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community

Amstel has been recognized for its campaigns and partnerships aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community. In December 2022, the beer brand, a sponsor of the Conmebol Libertadores and the São Paulo LGBT+ Pride Parade since 2019, distributed armbands resembling those of football captains, featuring the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag. Additionally, a partnership was formed at the time with a diversity school, with the goal of improving customer service, promoting more welcoming and inclusive treatment.

In the following year, during the São Paulo Parade, Amstel resumed the “Call Me by My Name” campaign, which aimed to facilitate the name rectification process for transgender individuals. The service occurred during the 22nd LGBT+ Cultural Fair and was complimentary, necessitating only a pre-registration. Also during this period, Amstel announced its lineup for the 2023 Parade, which featured performances by Pepita, DJ TransAlien, and Pabllo Vittar, a partner of the beer brand since 2021. Salete Campari was chosen as the master of ceremonies for the event.

In 2023, Amstel was involved in another project, this time in partnership with the startup Nhaí! for the development of the online program “Pride Businesses,” which aims to support LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurship. The platform provides resources and content aimed at enhancing and supporting the participants’ financial independence

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