8 of the most gag-worthy celebrity cameos in ‘Another Gay Sequel’ that make it well worth a rewatch

8 of the most gag-worthy celebrity cameos in ‘Another Gay Sequel’ that make it well worth a rewatch

You are currently viewing 8 of the most gag-worthy celebrity cameos in ‘Another Gay Sequel’ that make it well worth a rewatch
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A year and a half ago, we at Queerty checked our pride at the door and rewatched the 2006 cult classic, Another Gay Movie, centered around four gay friends-Andy, Jarod, Nico and Griff–who, upon graduating high school, vow that they will all lose their “anal virginity” before their friend’s Labor Day party. 

Now, in the truly bonkers 2008 sequel – appropriately titled Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! – the gang is back together, albeit, looking a little different in that, three of the main four characters have been recast with entirely new actors. As brilliantly explained by Nico’s mother in the movie’s fourth wall-breaking opening scene, it turns out “certain actors’ agents think doing two gay movies in a row will make people think you’re actually gay.”

And thus begins the chaos that becomes Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, which turns 15 this summer.

This time around, Nico (still played by original castmate, Jonah Blechman, thank god!), Andy, Jarod and Griff reunite at a resort in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break, and participate in a contest called “Gays Gone Wild” to determine who can score the most tail. But more juicy than the plot is the number of celebrity appearances in the movie.

Check out some of the most surprising cameos we spotted…


Mama Ru, is that you?! In Another Gay Sequel, RuPaul plays the role of Tyrell Tyrelle, the activity coordinator and go-to gal for all the fun shenanigans taking place at the “Gays Gone Wild!” resort. According to Tyrell, activities include a “wet package contest,” “clean and sober Pride,” and “ballsack botox.” Um, we’ll pass on that last one!

Thee Lady Bunny

Anyone whose anyone knows who Lady Bunny is! She’s only one of the most iconic and well-known drag queens still performing today. In the film, she plays Sandi Cove, Tyrell Tyrelle’s right-hand woman.

Amanda Lepore

The legendary Amanda Lepore, who the New York Times once described as a “transgender night life diva”–and who may or may not have had an affair with Kanye West?!?!–plays “Debbie Gottakunt” (see what they did there?), the head stewardess of Transamerica Airlines.

Willam Belli

Willam Belli may be most famous for being disqualified from Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race (where she used any and all opportunities to remind people she is an actor in film and TV!), along with her subsequent feud with RuPaul, but in Another Gay Sequel, she plays flight attendant, “Nancy Needatwat.” Seriously, was this movie written by a 7th grader?!

And the award for most puzzling cast choice ever goes to… Perez Hilton in Another Gay Sequel! Seriously, who asked for this?! In the film, Perez plays a “born-again Christian” version of himself, where he spends a significant portion of the firm sputtering godly nonsense. Easily the weakest actor among the cast, it feels as though this role could have gone to literally anyone else. We’re calling blasphemy!

Michael Lucas

Anyone whose ever visited an XXX tube site late at night will recognize Michael Lucas – the man, the myth, the legend behind Lucas Entertainment (don’t Google that at work!). In the movie, Michael makes an appearance as “The Pizza Boy,” and based on the threesome he has with two of the characters, it’s safe to say, he delivers. Zing!

Jim Verraros

We can’t help but sing the praises of American Idol and Eating Out movie franchise alum, Jim Verranos! While aboard Transamerica Airlines, Varraros’ cutie of a priest joins the mile high club in the bathroom of the airplane – with none other than Perez Hilton. We’ll go ahead and say it: Fleabag‘s got nothing on Another Gay Sequel. Jim Verranos’ character was the original hot priest!

Todd Stephens, writer of Another Gay Sequel, clearly watched a lot of porn did his research when casting the raunchy follow-up. In one of the most gagworthy guest spots, adult film star, Brent Corrigan (who I guess now goes by Sean Paul Lockhart???), plays Stan the Mermaid – a love interest to the film’s main character, Nico (Jonah Blechman). Unfortunately, the duo aren’t able to make it past the first base given, as Stan phrases it, he wasn’t born with “an a**hole or a c**k.”

Here’s to hoping they can be together in the third movie. Oh wait… A third movie was never made, but hey, a boy can dream!

Now tell us, did we miss anyone?!

Another Gay Sequel is available to buy or rent via Amazon or Apple TV.


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