6 tips to improve male sexual performance after the age of 40

6 tips to improve male sexual performance after the age of 40

You are currently viewing 6 tips to improve male sexual performance after the age of 40
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As a professional dedicated to male sexual health, I understand the importance of approaching this topic with a mix of technical knowledge and empathetic understanding. In this month’s article, I will detail six essential strategies, based on scientific evidences, for those men looking to not only improve their sexual performance, but also their overall health and well-being.

Dr Vitor Mello - Promotion
Dr Vitor Mello – Promotion
  1. Nutrition and Sexual Health: A Direct Relationship

Nutrition plays a critical role in male sexual health, influencing everything from erectile function to hormone production. A diet rich in antioxidants, for example those found in fruits and vegetables, can improve endothelial health, crucial for maintaining healthy erections. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty fish that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and cardiovascular benefits, directly related to erectile function. Reducing the consumption of processed foods, rich in sugars and saturated fats, is essential, as these can lead to endothelial dysfunction and consequently to erection problems.

  1. Physical Activitity: Beyond Body Conditioning

Regular physical activity is key to men’s sexual health, with studies showing a positive correlation between exercise and erectile function. Exercise, especially exercise that improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health, such as running and swimming, can directly increase the ability to maintain erections. Additionally, regular exercise has been linked to improvements in testosterone production and a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction.

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  1. Stress Management and Sexual Health

The impact of stress on sexual function is well documented. Chronic stress can lead to changes in hormone levels, such as cortisol, which in excess can suppress testosterone production. Stress reduction strategies such as meditation and mindfulness practices have been shown to be effective in improving sexual health, reducing anxiety and improving the quality of erections.

  1. Sleep: The Forgotten Pillar of Sexual Health

Sleep plays a crucial role in hormonal regulation including sex hormones. Sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, negatively affecting libido and erectile function. Researches indicate that men who sleep less than 5 hours a night have significantly reduced testosterone levels compared to those who get a full night’s rest.

  1. Testosterone: Monitoring is Key

Testosterone, being the main male sex hormone, has an undeniable role in sexual health. Signs of low testosterone include, but are not limited to, low libido, difficulty in maintaining erections and fatigue. The assessment of testosterone levels should be done through blood tests with interpretation of the results considering the wide range of “normality”, adjusted for age and general health condition.

  1. Hormone Replacement: A Personalized Approach

For individuals with hypogonadism or clinically confirmed low testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be considered. HRT modalities range from intramuscular injections, transdermal patches, gels to subcutaneous implants. Each method has its advantages and limitations, and the choice should be personalized based on the patient’s preferences, side effect profile and treatment goals.

A Path Guided by Knowledge and Comprehensive Health

Addressing men’s sexual health requires a holistic understanding that integrates technical knowledge with a comprehensive view of individual needs. By implementing these strategies based on science and clinical practice, men of all ages can achieve not only an improvement in their sexual performance but also a significant increase in their quality of life.

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