25 male celebs on OnlyFans you can follow right now

25 male celebs on OnlyFans you can follow right now

You are currently viewing 25 male celebs on OnlyFans you can follow right now
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Once upon a time, adult film performers were said to be barred from making it in Hollywood. It seemed a porn career disqualified your pursuit of fame.

And while we might still be far from seeing an Oscar winner getting it on doggy style, celebrities and athletes alike are flocking to rub shoulders with adult performers on OnlyFans, if only to get a share of the $2.5 billion the subscription-based platform reported in 2022 revenue.

While OnlyFans is pretty much synonymous with X-rated entertainment, celebrities can post exclusive personal content, engage with their fans, and answer requests – for those who are willing to pay additional fees! Famous feet don’t come cheap!

Whether you’re looking for exclusive content and early access to your fave’s latest endeavors or just in it for the sexy pics and videos, these are the top male celebs on OnlyFans you should subscribe to right now.

1. Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey is a bit of a polarizing figure in the LGBTQ community. When the former Teen Wolf launched his OnlyFans page, he was met with accusations of queerbaiting from several users on the platform. In an interview with NME, Posey spoke up about the impact the incident had on him and how he came to terms with his sexuality with the help of his current girlfriend, alt-rock singer Phem.

“I’ve been with everybody under the sun, and right now I’m in the best relationship that I’ve ever been in with a woman, and she’s queer too,” he told NME. “She’s helped me realize that I fit under the queer umbrella and that I’m sexually fluid.”

You can subscribe to Tyler Posey’s OnlyFans for free.

Fans of Eating Out and Fire Island star Chris Salvatore can now enjoy access to exclusive photos and videos through the actor’s OnlyFans account. Salvatore posts content on a weekly basis and personally responds to messages for free. The account contains nudity, so users must be 18 or older to subscribe.

You can subscribe to Chris Salvatore’s OnlyFans for $9.99 a month.

3. Robie Manson

Retired Olympic rower Robbie Manson is the latest gay celebrity athlete to kickstart their career in sex appeal. We think those record-setting, gold-winning abs are gonna do just fine.

The Olympian was quick to promise on social media (most likely to his sponsors) that there wouldn’t be anything close to adult entertainment on his channel, but Manson is at least not shy to lose his shirt or wrap himself in rope.

Robbie Manson’s Onlyfans bio also reads, “There might be a bit of semi-frontal nudity, though,” which you can follow for $10 a month.

4. Milk

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 and All Stars 3 contestant Daniel Donigan – better known by his drag persona Milk – joined OnlyFans in November 2020, promising weekly content and special requests (completed at his discretion). 

Milk is hardly the only Drag Race alum to join the platform. Fans of the hit reality competition show can also subscribe to fan favorites like Katya, Adore Delano, Aja, Shea Couleé, The Vixen, Sasha Belle, Plastique Tiara, and Willam.

You can subscribe to Milk’s OnlyFans for $9.99 a month.

5. Kyle Krieger

An audience of over 2 million followers on Instagram and 231,000 subscribers on Youtube hasn’t stopped lifestyle influencer Kyle Krieger from expanding his reach and income.

The hairstylist isn’t a rookie to putting his sexiest foot forward online; his artistic and suggestive nude photos used to make him go viral on Tumbler. Kyle Krieger’s Onlyfans promises content curated around grooming, fitness, and bodywork from an arousal perspective, which you can get turned on by for a heftier $20 a month.

6. The Vixen

Appearing on the 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queen The Vixen is perhaps most known among fans as the outspoken queen who walked out of her season’s reunion episode. This came after RuPaul’s insistence on having her and her castmates Aquaria and Eureka revisit their previous quarrels. 

The Vixen is also known as a staunch advocate against racism in the LGBTQ community and is the co-founder of Black Girl Magic, a drag show that exclusively features African-American drag queens. 

On OnlyFans, The Vixen is known as Tony Untucked. You can also catch NSFW previews of Tony’s OnlyFans content on his alternate Twitter page @TonyUntucked. 

For full access to all of his content, subscribe to Tony’s OnlyFans for $9.99 a month.

7. David Marshall

Openly gay pro wrestler and personal trainer David Marshall has been using his OnlyFans account in a rather novel way: raising funds for mental health charities.

“The reason the money I raise from my OnlyFans goes towards Beyond Blue [an Australian mental health support organization] is seeing every day how big depression and anxiety has [sic] become in society and almost overlooked. Stats on LGBT in this area are quite scary too so I hope I can in some way, give back to my community. Positivity is everything,” the Australian wrestler wrote in an Instagram post.

Marshall’s connection to mental health awareness is a personal one too – he lost his father to suicide in 2017. 

According to Marshall’s OnlyFans page, he raised “just under $35,000 towards mental health charities” through the platform by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, Beyond Blue (his original charity of choice) could not accept the money as the organization has a policy against accepting money gained through “gambling, alcohol, and pornography”. The money has since been donated to the Black Dog Institute. 

You can subscribe to Marshall’s OnlyFans for $10.99 a month.

8. Gravity Balmain

After winning HBO Max’s reality voguing competition Legendary under the House of Balmain, model, choreographer, and dancer Gravity Balmain launched an OnlyFans channel featuring “more explicit and unfiltered” posts than what he posts on Twitter and Instagram, including full nudity and solo content. 

They currently have 115 posts and 162 photos and videos on their channel. You can subscribe to Gravity Balmain’s OnlyFans for $20 a month.

9. Matthew Mitcham

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham might be an Olympic champion with the 2nd highest single-dive score in history, but he’s here to prove his backside could’ve gotten him equally as popular.

At least that’s what we inferred from his behind introducing his crossover, and the Internet made it clear his medals are no longer the junk they wanna see.

Matthew Mitcham’s Onlyfans bio also reads, “There might be a bit of semi-frontal nudity, though,” which you can follow for $10 a month.

10. Ozzy Lusth

Survivor: Cook Islands second-placer and fan favorite Ozzy Lusth shocked and delighted fans everywhere when he announced he was joining OnlyFans in early January of 2021. 

Lusth also came out as bisexual in April this year. In a tweet, Lusth wrote, “And for my Republican Colleagues, and anyone else who matters, Yeah I’m Bisexual. Am I committing crimes?? If so come get me. Let us ALL live with dignity. Ask yourself if you support people or the fucked dogma you’ve been fed. #ozzyisBi.” 

You can subscribe to Ozzy Lusth’s OnlyFans for $8 a month. 

11. Sasha Belle

Also known as Frisbee Jenkins, this RuPaul’s Drag Race alum is a mainstay in Iowa’s drag scene. This thick-mustached daddy posts adult content out of drag on their OnlyFans channel, which currently has 421 posts and 600 media. 

You can subscribe to Sasha Belle’s OnlyFans for $9.99 a month.

12. Nick Sandell

Instagram fame often coincides with Onyfans success (that is, sales conversion, baby!), and fitness model Nick Sandell has managed to leverage his 1 million followers to become one of the top-performing gay men on the website. Many of his Instagram posts embrace the aesthetic of showing his ass in tighty whities.

Nick Sandell’s Onlyfans will gift you all the best angles of his contoured body in addition to fitness demos and tips! He hosts a live stream every Sunday at 11 am to have a “little fun” directly with his followers, which you can join in for $7 a month.

13. Ariel Versace

Ariel Versace is another example of the drag phenomenon: a brazen lady in the streets but a gay hunk in bed. Of course, on Onlyfans, you’ll find him as Bryan Philip. The RuPaul Season 11 competitor might’ve proved his knack for wig designing and fashion on the show, but the secret to his newfound fanbase seems to be in his g-strings.

You can see what wonders Bryan Philly’s Onlyfans is hiding within those g-strings for $9.99 a month.

14. Brentman Rock

Youtuber and beauty influencer Brentman Rock is one of the baddest in the game in all the best ways. But he reached new glamorous heights in his social media fame when he launched his Onlyfans only because Instagram kept deleting his nudes. And made his account free to follow. That’s called creating sexy accessibility!

 “I’m taking all these nudes, for what? For no one to see?” he wrote on Instagram stories, “And you know Instagram is going to delete them so I’m gonna make a free OnlyFans. Actually, I’m gonna do it right now.”

You can follow Brentman Rock’s Onlyfans for free and help his nudes get the visibility they deserve.

15. Ethan Hethcote

Certain YouTubers were made to excel on Onlyfans, and we think Ethan Hethcote is definitely one of them. Or maybe that’s because his profile promises lots of nudity; there’s no more straightforward path to finding your gay fans than with genitalia!

He recently debuted a collab with Kyle Krieger on the streaming platform simulating the real deal. It’s PG-13 fun that can help you come up with better imagery for your fantasies during alone time.

Follow Ethan Hethcote’s Onlyfans’ nakedness for 14.99 a month.

16. Nick Vallejo

The former University of Hawaii collegiate swimmer Nick Vallejo was one of the first gay athletes to go viral in 2021 for sharing the empowerment he found in not just stepping into their sexuality but monetizing it. He came forward to news outlets with his sports struggles, which made him seek surfing as an alternative for his inner peace and Onlyfans for his confidence.

You can experience all the confidence on Nick Vallego’s Onlyfans for $10 a month.

17. Remy Duran

If anyone knows how to take the role of Bisexual Zaddy, that’s Remy Duran. And he’s not shy to give you the content fit for a sexual king featuring his love for all genders. He came to prominence as a New York City club kid with a personality you wouldn’t forget, but it’s his open-minded lust and comfort in his sexuality that brought him social media fame. Or maybe it’s the fact that he markets himself as “NYC’s most infamous Bisexual Top.”

Follow Remy Duran’s Onlyfans and watch him pound both sides of the spectrum for $8.40 a month.

18. Daniel Benson

Actor Daniel Benson might’ve started his career in Disney Chanel, but he says becoming an adult performer has changed his life for the better. He played Zeke on Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 to 2012. Now, he’s playing roles that don’t put any limits on his personality. But top if you want to be specific.

Many straight actors are uncomfortable being desired and hit on by their gay fans on the Internet, but not Daniel Benson’s Onlyfans. He is catering directly to us and knows exactly what we want.

19. Marvin Corte

Tyra Banks doesn’t need to worry about Marvin Corte; we were all rooting for him, and he didn’t let us down. America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 runner-up announced his bisexuality and Onlyfans page simultaneously. We love a celebrity coming-out story that leads to nudes for all.

“I describe myself as a lover,” he says. “I am not a huge fan of labels, but I get that it helps people understand where you lay on the spectrum. I identify as bisexual.”

You can see a male model ‘smize’ with his second head on Marvin Corte’s Onlyfans for $9.99 a month.

20. Matty Lee

British diver and Olympic gold medalist Matty Lee got our gay stamp of approval when he competed alongside Tom Daley, and he might just be getting our boners, too, with the launch of his Onlyfans.

Before you get too excited, Lee clarified the content will be safe for work because he is still representing team Great Britain. But you can rest assured he’ll share behind-the-scenes content and won’t be shy to take his shirt off.

You can see Matty Lee’s Onlyfans make splashes all over the world for $20 a month.

21. Billy Reilich

Billy Reilich started as Ellen Degeneres‘ gardener, but now he is making press all on his own. The Magic Mike XXL actor immediately gained the Internet’s attention when he took off his shirt, and he intends to secure it by keeping our gaze entertained with his new page.

Watch Billy Reilich’s Onlyfans show off his adonis body for $5.99 a month.

22. Shaun T

Shaun T might help keep the gays in shape with fitness programs like Hip-Hop Abs and Insanity, but he’s here to mind us that there are other ways a person can get a solid workout in!

“I was sick of getting judged by the haters on Instagram and wanted to find a fun place for Scott and I to build our WINE NIGHT AFTER DARK community,” he writes on his profile. “So, this page is dedicated those who want to express yourself however you feel necessary as well as those who don’t mind my naked coffee pics, [ass] pics, and those who need a little extra motivation to be WHO TF YOU ARE every damn day. I will show you MOST THINGS, but some things I have to keep for myself (unless we connect in person). ENJOY, because I know I will!”

You can see all the fun, muscle ways to express yourself on Shaun T’s Onlyfans for $14.99 a month.

23. Dahlia Sin

Dahlia Sin became a name in our mouth when she competed on the twelfth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race; however, Erik Anthony’s debut on Onlyfans made it clear that the sin wasn’t a metaphor.

Dahlia Sin’s Onlyfans promises an “endless stream of explicit content,” so you better get your dollars ready to tip a bitch.

24. Daniel Goodfellow

Something must be in the water in Great Britain; two-time Commonwealth champion and Olympic bronze medalist Daniel Goodfellow owns his last name by showing us how good he can be on Onlyfans. Well, hopefully, how bad. 

The diver made a similar proclamation of keeping content PG-13, but his profile header image is a close-up of his chest. Clearly, he knows why the people are there. You can see all the exclusive content on Daniel Goodfellow’s Onlyfans for $9.99 monthly.

The Walking Dead actor Daniel Newman almost broke the Internet when he posted himself riding a jet ski with a popular Sean Cody model. We were all wondering (fantasizing) what was going on during their cabin weekend, but Newman refused to comment on his personal life. His joining Onlyfans made us feel one step closer to finding out. Unfortunately, the actor hasn’t posted or updated the page since 2021, but we’re putting him on this list so he can rest assured we’re ready for the comeback.

You can take a chance on his return by following Daniel Newman’s Onlyfans (and see his existing content) for $8.99 a month.

The Bottom Line

As eponymous as Onlyfans might be with the adult entertainment industry, you won’t be able to pigeonhole any of the performers on the site, especially regarding queerness.

If you’re looking for some eye candy or just want to see what all the fuss is about with OnlyFans, then these 25 male celebs are a great, sexy place to start. With exclusive content and intimate glimpses into their lives and bodies, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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