12 Best Trans & Crossdressing Stores for Clothing & More (MTF Online Shopping)

12 Best Trans & Crossdressing Stores for Clothing & More (MTF Online Shopping)

You are currently viewing 12 Best Trans & Crossdressing Stores for Clothing & More (MTF Online Shopping)
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12 Best Trans & Crossdressing Stores for Clothing & More (MTF Online Shopping)

Are you as addicted to online shopping as I am? 

There’s no denying the convenience… Plus, opening packages makes every day feel like Christmas! What’s not to love?

In this post, I’ve rounded up the top MTF online shopping sites – including 12 trans and crossdressing stores for clothes, lingerie, shoes, breast forms, makeup and more.

While I included many retailers that cater specifically to transgender women and crossdressers, you don’t have to limit yourself there. Loads of mass market sites offer amazing finds for your female self as well.

On that note, let’s go shopping!

1. The Breast Form Store

The Breast Form Store

The Breast Form Store is the ultimate superstore dedicated to breast forms and related accessories. They also have international sites based in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Shop The Breast Form Store here

2. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

One of the hottest fashion retailers, Fashion Nova offers sexy and affordable clothing in both regular and plus sizes. My only gripe is that they only offer returns in the form of store credit.

Shop Fashion Nova here

3. Carmen Liu Lingerie

Carmen Liu Lingerie

Founded by Carmen Liu, this UK-based brand and ecom site offers beautiful and functional lingerie for transwomen and the non-binary community.

Shop Carmen Liu Lingerie here

4. Torrid


A great source for trendy and affordable plus size clothing and wide width women’s shoes. Torrid also gets high marks from our readers for its helpful, trans-friendly staff.

Shop Torrid here

5. En Femme

En Femme

Previously known as Suddenly Fem, En Femme offers clothing, lingerie, and shapers specifically constructed for the crossdresser and trans woman.

Shop En Femme here

6. Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac is a gender free makeup brand that celebrates all beauty lovers. The site includes tutorials on covering a beard shadow, day/night makeup looks for transgender women, and more.

Shop Jecca Blac here

7. Amazon


What can’t you find on Amazon? From breast forms to pantyhose, almost everything you need is available at great prices with fast delivery and easy returns.

Shop Amazon here

8. Glamour Boutique

Glamour Boutique

This ecommerce site offers a wide variety of items, including breast forms, clothing, wigs, shoes, etc. They also have a physical store in Fairfield, NJ.

Shop Glamour Boutique here

9. Classic Curves International

Classic Curves International

Classic Curves offers custom made hip and butt enhancers for crossdressers and transgender women. They now offer worldwide shipping everywhere.

Shop Classic Curves International here

10. Secrets in Lace

Secrets in Lace

This ecommerce site offers fine nylons and vintage-inspired lingerie that would be perfect for a photo shoot – or any occasion!

Shop Secrets in Lace here

11. Transformation


Originally founded in 1984, Transformation offers a large selection of products online and at their physical store located in North Manchester, UK.

Shop Transformation here

12. Ebay


If you enjoy treasure hunting, don’t overlook Ebay. This is an amazing place to find bargains and unique items for your feminine transformation.

Shop Ebay here

Honorable mentions

We’re getting so many great suggestions in the comments, that I wanted to list out reader favorites here:

Shop ‘til you drop!

This list is only the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out my Transgender / Crossdressing Resources page for even more links.

Now, let’s hear from you! What are YOUR favorite MTF online shopping sites? Please share in the comments below!


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